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DarkCronos said:
Mad55 said:
DarkCronos said:
that's what you get for kicking your audience in the balls... up until now suda's game were always on nintendo's platforms... i would loved to buy SOTD... but it's not on my console...

what he has made games for other consoles before this.

sure, but earlier suda games never found their way to a western release. the only exception i can think is killer7 which as far as i know was way more popular on gamecube than on ps2. suda's name got big (well, "big" is a big word, lol) in the west on nintendo's platforms.

where did you get your info from?? I find this hard to believe considering that the install base for PS2 vs. the GC was much, much bigger. VGchartz has no data at all. So maybe you know something i dont