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I think the best is...

Super Mario Bros 1 1.56%
Super Mario Bros 2 0 0%
Super Mario Bros 3 21 32.81%
Super Mario World 29 45.31%
Super Mario Wonder 9 14.06%
Other (Specify in post) 4 6.25%

Other: Super Mario Maker. I enjoyed that more than any of the mainline Mario's

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Don't make me vote on this one 😭

But Oki doki my favorite is ....

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Super Mario Bros All Stars on SNES.

Cheating a bit? Well then ok, its SMB3 on All Stars. Compared to the NES version it not only looks better, but also you can save your progress! That's a big win.

S.Peelman said:

Yoshi's Island, but I assume that doesn't count so then I say Super Mario Bros. 3.

This exactly.

Mario World for me. Multiple paths, secrets exits, cool castles. Just a great experience.

I enjoyed Wonder but found it slightly overrated by critics.  


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Gotta go with SMB3, even though the game was more simple than Wonder & World I preffered the harder difficulty of SMB3.

I may be in the minority but my favorite is New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

4 player coop was a game changer and I liked the new powerups in that specific game.

Super Mario World, that game just stands the rest of time. SMB3 a close 2nd

SMB 3 invented the vehicle that SMW used to drive with. It (SMB3) was a pop-culture, tsunami game, SMW, not so much. It was just a good Mario game and that's it. Completely outshined by its contemporaries back in the day. 

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Mario 3.