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I think the best is...

Super Mario Bros 1 1.56%
Super Mario Bros 2 0 0%
Super Mario Bros 3 21 32.81%
Super Mario World 29 45.31%
Super Mario Wonder 9 14.06%
Other (Specify in post) 4 6.25%

Mario's 2D adventures stand as some of the most beloved games in the 2D platforming genre.

Which of them do you think is the best, and what about your pick specifically makes it worthy of the top spot, in your opinion?

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Super Mario World is a great example of how a series can evolve while moving to a new hardware.

Also, it was a perfect introduction for the SNES.

As much as I love SMB3, it do be SMW.

For the longest of time, I've said Super Mario World.

My vote now goes to Super Mario Bros Wonder.

Top 5 favorite ones for me...

1. Super Mario Bros Wonder (NS)
2. Super Mario World (SNES/GBA)
3. Super Mario Bros 3 (NES/SNES/GBA)
4. Super Mario Land 2 Six Golden Coins (GB)
5. Super Mario Bros (NES/SNES/GB)

Super Mario World for me with SMB3 as a close second.

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Yoshi’s Island, but I assume that doesn’t count so then I say Super Mario Bros. 3.

Easily Super Mario Bros. 3. So creative, has never been topped.

Super Mario World. The most imaginative levels and worlds, my favorite power-up, best humor, Yoshi, and my favorite cast of enemies. Complete fun from beginning to end and one of the most enjoyable games ever made.

Super Mario World is probably the better game, but 3 was the first video game that I played and my favorite to this day in the series.

World. Easy. Best Mario game period.

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