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Forums - Sony Discussion - PlayStation Portal (Remote Play device) announced for $199, coming November 15th

Jeez 200 USD for a controller with a tablet, with no Bluetooth and no touchscreen

Who thought this was a good idea ? Easily the worst thing Sony ever released

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This should've launched at $149.99-$169.99 with a touchscreen and the ability to connect to the PS5 without Wi-Fi.

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Signalstar said:
gtotheunit91 said:

I noticed the line about "supported games" so unless this thing really takes off, it's going to be a hard sell for studios outside of PS Studios to actually support the device. 

I think Supported Games is just a catch-all term meaning everything that is not PSVR2 or PS+ Streamed game or games requiring a special peripheral. I can't imagine devs would have to put in much extra work for a regular PS5 or PS4 game to stream to this device.

the-pi-guy said:

gtotheunit91 said:

I noticed the line about "supported games" so unless this thing really takes off, it's going to be a hard sell for studios outside of PS Studios to actually support the device. 

They're just talking about non PSVR2 games (and PS+ cloud streaming games).  

Pretty much every game already supports remote playing to a phone/pc/mac, I'm not sure why they would need to do any additional support. 

Yeah I probably misinterpreted that lol. I imagine some optimizations need to be done since it's a new device, but I'm probably wrong on that. 

Still seems to be a hard sell. 

Sony releases the Sony stupid tablet thing piece of shit that doesn't do the goddamn fucking thing it's supposed to. Sony is expected to release an updated 8G version next year. Just when you figured out the remote play on this piece of fucking shit. never ends this shit.

(how many people will think I'm mad and how many people get the reference) Let's see :P

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Image on main thread is broken.

Well, I'm not actually into handheld gaming, (although I have a 2DS), so it isn't for me. Also, I don't know if I would like to have a portable device that only works on my house.

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rapsuperstar31 said:

I think the price is fine for those that want it. It's not something I'm interested in unless it fails miserably and starts getting discontinued in stores for $50 or less.

Yeah I would consider it for the price of a regular controller but even then I wouldn't be thrilled =p

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Signalstar said:

It's a fail at that price and that feature set IMO.

Not only can it not stream PS+ games independently, it can't stream them even if connected to the PS5 via Wi-Fi. Severely limits its utility and appeal.

If it can be used as an extra controller even when using the TV then it might just be cool to have around just in case.

But the screen would be useless, right? I would rather use a normal controller 



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You can just use your phone to do the same thing

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No Bluetooth on this device so you have to use specific playstation link compatible headphones has to be one of the most anti-consumer choices I have seen in a LONG time.

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