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Forums - Gaming Discussion - PlayStation Fans Refuse To Throw Away Box Even After Sony Tells Them To">
A shopper holds a PS4 box.

The official PlayStation UK Twitter account has decreed it’s “OK to throw away the cardboard box your PlayStation came in now,” but squirrelly fans aren’t convinced. What if they might actually one day need the dusty, frayed cardboard their PS4 arrived in 10 years ago?

What if stockpiled boxes could solve the housing crisis? What if fans encounter a locked door that requires three PlayStation boxes to open it, and behind that door is a never-before-seen copy of an NC-17 Ratchet & Clank spinoff series, Ratchet & Klonopin? They want to know.


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That hit too close to home. I always keep the boxes. And I really have no explanation why. I even sent my ps5 in to be repaired. Brought it to the store, within the original box of course, and they asked me to put it out and give them just the console without box. I felt as hollow as my precious cardboard.

Sell on value is greater with boxes. I refuse to buy retro without the retail packaging.

I mean, sure, it makes more sense to recycle or throw away the boxes. But no joke, even a slightly torn or worn box adds probably an extra $20-$30 and up value to selling the console.
I still have my boxes for
DSi, 3DS, Vita, Wii U, Switch, PS4 Pro, and PS5. Some are in really good condition, a few are rough but intact.
I might even still have the box for the Wii somewhere.

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I usually keep my boxes for consoles. Sadly I end up losing them at some point over time  

Probably for the best, keeping boxes in my limited space is kind of pointless. 

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Still have the boxes of my 3DS and my OG Switch as well. But that's more so because I find it a more tidy way of storing the things when I'll be done with them

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No. I still have the box for my PS3, PS Vita, PS4 and PS5 (pretty well torn because the box was flimsy to begin with).

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I typically keep all console boxes. Tho my SNES, Original Xbox and N64 boxes got lost in a move 20 years ago. PS5 one I didn't keep tho as it was just too big and flimsy.

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Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Pfft. I own a near-mint Sega CD box, a PS1 box, a mint Genesis and SNES controller box, Xbox 2 box, Wii box, Wii-U, Xbox 3, Switch... they're gonna have to pry my PS4 box out of my freakin' hands if they want it to go into the garbage. I shan't do it!