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Forums - Sony Discussion - PlayStation Showcase announced for May 24 (Over an hour long, focusing on PS5 and PSVR2 games)

The show was good but Spiderman 2 was disappointed. They hyped it saying that it was made it with no compromises but doesn't look better than miles Morales from what was shown. Great to see alot of multiplatform titles . Curious to see MG's 3 remake gameplay

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It was alright. That samurai game with the gritty visuals looked intriguing and it's maybe something I could play. Helldivers II could be a ton of fun to play with my wife but I'm wondering if local co-op will survive now that they made it a third person shooter. The pessimist in me says it will probably be online co-op only but I hope I'm wrong. Spider-man 2 looked good (I just beat the first one recently) but it looks very similar to the first game so it didn't really blow me away.

The FPS stuff is a pass for me. The game made by the same people from Journey looks alright as well. Overall, I'd give it a 6/10.

I'm not entirely sure about that Alan Wake II trailer.

Well, it's the sequel to one of my all time favorite games, but... It feels like they're going with a "Resident Evil" approach. Ok, the last RE games were good, but I was expecting something more unique. We'll see.

Now, that Foam thing game... Yeah.

Show case was ok I guess I mean I spider man looked great but people need to understand graphics are not gonna be advancing much anymore too much time and power needed im happy where graphics are right now with 60fps that's more then enough. That samurai game looked cool although the combat looked wierd. What a shit trailer for MGS I really wanna see if it plays like mgsv before I get excited

Also new ass creed looks great

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Weak Show for Playstation Exclusives, 6/10.

The good.

Spider, FF XVI looking Amazing.
Hell Divers 2 looks Very good, i can see potetial.
Gran Blue is looking good.
Sword of the Sea, big potential here.
Phantom Blade Zero a big surprise, looks almost too good to be real from a unknow Dev.

The bad.

Weak presence from Sony 1° party. Spider is old news and Fairgame$, Concord and Marathon are Cinematic "nothing burger". In general, i learned almost nothing, only that Sony banking hevy on GAAS, not sure If i like this.

Some 3° party exclusives are old news, like GBF and FFXVI

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Yeah underwhelming but solid selection of games

Way too much CGI trailers for Sony's standard. I feel like none of the GAAS titles needed a reveal at this point. They ought to have dedicated gameplay breakdowns because CGI trailers in isolation do absolutely nothing for those sort of titles.

Honestly I think they should of just had a Spiderman state of play and thrown in a few surprises, a third party showcase in August/September and then a full Playstation Showcase when they actually have the capacity to wow

1st party there was virtually nothing new I could bite my teeth into. I think 2024 is going to be an off year where they depend on 3rd party big hitters.

Also we're 3 years into the generation and so few titles truly feel "next gen".

Welp. Stellar Blade's Twitter page has not had a single tweet since September. It's dead. FUCK.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Ugh mgs probably won't have mgsv gameplay and just a graphics remake man that blows

zeldaring said:

Ugh mgs probably won't have mgsv gameplay and just a graphics remake man that blows

What do you mean by 'gameplay'?