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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo quarterly sales update (To September 30th 2022) Switch 114.33 million

As expected Nintendo has lowered their forecast for HW, and is doing well in SW. Pretty much exactly as I said in the last 2 quarterly threads.

I expected the adjustment would come after the holiday season though, so Nintendo must realize sales will be much lower than expected due to apparent shortages.

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Tbh I always had a feeling that Nintendo wasn't gonna reach their forecast of 21 million, a drop off from 23M to 21M seemed to little for a console now approaching its 6th year on the market.

I keep hearing the reason as being "semiconductor shortages" as the reason for falling Switch sales but in reality we gotta accept guys that the Switch is approaching its 6th year and is beginning to reach saturation, I dont know if we or Nintendo could keep using that semiconductor shortage excuse anymore.
I think after this holiday season would be a good time for the Switch to recieve its first price cut to maintain demand.

Software sales are still impressive and up, and surprisingly even their profits are up too. And Nintendo is a few weeks away from making the Switch their console with the most sold software in history and reaching 1 billion in console sales which is a first for a Nintendo console, an accomplishment only done by the PS2,PS4, and Xbox 360.

Splatoon 3 surprised me selling nearly 8M in around 3 weeks, most of it from Japan which is amazing how big the game is over there.

I'm a little surprised Mario Strikers fell off as fast as it did, I understand that Mario Sports games don't sell like crazy but I expected people to be more into a fast paced Mario soccer game with online, especially in Europe where soccer games are big over there, and it being on the Switch. However, I have a feeling that the negative press surrounding the game may have turned potential new consumers off, and its a shame cause I think the gameplay itself is amazing but Nintendo killed this games potential.

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Xenoblade 3 yeah!

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

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curl-6 said:

Hardware: 114.33m (3.25 million for the quarter)


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: 48.41m

Animal Crossing: 40.17m

Smash Bros Ultimate: 29.53m

Zelda BOTW: 27.79m (Switch version only)

Pokémon Sword/Shield: 25.37m

Mario Odyssey: 24.4m

Super Mario Party: 18.35m

Pokémon BD/SP: 14.92m

Ring Fit Adventure: 14.87m

Pokémon Let's Go: 14.81m

Pokemon Legends: Arceus: 13.91 million units

Mario Party Superstars: 8.07 million units

Splatoon 3: 7.9m

Switch Sports: 6.15m

Kirby and the Forgotten Land: 5.27m

Mario Strikers Battle League: 2.17m

Xenoblade Chronicles 3:

Switch software sold this quarter: 95.41 million

Switch software total: 917.59 million

– Net sales this period – 656.9 billion yen
– Operating profit this period – 220.3 billion yen
– Ordinary profit this period: 322.4 billion yen

Thanks for the edit 7 minutes ago Curl ^_^