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Global Hardware 21 March 2020 - Animal Crossing: New Horizons

in Latest Charts 1 hour ago

curl-6 said: kirby007 said: not like we have the internet right? Even factoring in online retailers, I just can't see a system peaking in the year of the worst pandemic in over a century. Not to mention they have yet to prove they have any more major, system-selling games for the rest of the year. The pandemic is not something to worry about when it comes to...

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Bold Prediction: Animal Crossing going to Cross the 25mil Horizon

in Nintendo Discussion 2 hours ago

tbone, hands off the drugs. 'Bold' refers to something improbable, so you'd have to go for 30m. Your 25m are just an ordinary optimistic prediction. ...

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New Nintendo IPs in Switch-gen

in Nintendo Discussion 2 hours ago

You are missing Cadence of Hyrule, Fire Emblem Warriors, Snipperclips and Sushi Striker. ...

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VGChartz Gap Charts February 2020 Discussion Thread

in Sales Discussion 3 hours ago

curl-6 said: Yep, this was a short war. The Wii did well in Japan, but the Switch is just so much better suited to the lifestyle there. The most important factor is that Switch isn't disdained by third parties like the Wii was. The Wii's sales pettered out because third party support after 2008 was in a sorry state. Not only in numbers, but also variety. There wasn't much of...

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Nintendo Direct Mini has just launched

in Nintendo Discussion 3 hours ago

It was a great Direct. A demo for Trials of Mana was released last week and they really remade the game into something that isn't a giant mess. There's a good chance for a very good game here because the music is great and now the actual game might live up to the same standard, unlike the original release in 1995 that was filled to the brim with boneheaded game design decisions. Xenoblade...

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Discussion Thread

in General Discussion 4 hours ago

Everything feels surreal right now. I can't believe that I still live. The virus is out there and it can only be a matter of time until the vast majority of the population is infected. Healthcare doesn't have the capacities to treat everyone, so only the rich and important people will see their lives saved. ...

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Famitsu Sales: Week 12, 2020 (Mar 16 - Mar 22)

in Sales Discussion 4 hours ago

First off, I want to say that I intend to go back to regular schedule starting next week, so my post with the 2019 vs. 2020 comparison should occur on Wednesday instead of the recent Friday/Saturday posts. Probably worth noting that corona has had nothing to do with that, rather it's that hardly anything worth of note has been happening in the video game business lately and the negativity in lieu...

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Discussion Thread

in General Discussion on 20 March 2020

The entirety of Tyrol (Austria) was put into quarantine yesterday. We are all going to die. ...

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Famitsu Sales: Week 11, 2020 (Mar 09 - Mar 15)

in Sales Discussion on 20 March 2020

Nothing important to say this week, except that 2020 has crossed 1m YTD now. Otherwise it's a week that is pretty much the same as preceding ones. Next week will show if Nintendo has done some stockpiling for their big release similar to their practice during 2017. Week 2019 Weekly 2019 Cumulative 2020 Weekly 2020 Cumulative Difference Weekly Difference...

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Famitsu Sales: W10, 2020 (Mar 02 - Mar 08)

in Sales Discussion on 11 March 2020

Week 10 marks the biggest year over year deficit Switch has had in 2020, but the comparisons will get easier from here on out. This week's drop in hybrid SKU sales makes me wonder if Nintendo is stockpiling units for the launch of Animal Crossing, because during 2017 it was common that notable Switch releases were accompanied by a higher number of Switch units during the period of ongoing...

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Nintendo Switch: Three Years In

in Nintendo Discussion on 04 March 2020

JRPGfan said: SpokenTruth said: Damn. I can't pick a best year so I'm going to take the easy route and say it has yet to come. The best year is already behinde it.2017 had Zelda BoTW + Mario Odyssey + Mario Kart 8 delux + Xenoblade Chronicles 2.No following year(s) is going to beat that for the Switch.Those are the biggest heavy hitters Nintendo has, and Switch got them...

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Famitsu Sales: W9, 2020 (Feb 24 - Mar 01)

in Sales Discussion on 04 March 2020

The ~45% increase in hybrid SKU sales this week may either hint at Nintendo having arranged a slight adjustment to production in advance of the expected shortages or production in China having been resumed in limited capacity; the latter is much more likely, because of course China is trying to get their economy back in gear as fast as possible. In any case, sales of the hybrid SKU are only at...

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Nintendo VS Sony Fiscal Years: Global Edition

in Sales Discussion on 04 March 2020

src said: RolStoppable said: The actual metric to determine market leadership in the console business is console sales. The point of my previous post was that revenue isn't even the second most important thing in the business and how flawed it is to use revenue as the measuring stick. Someone else already corrected you on the profit numbers, so that's settled. Completely...

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VGChartz Gap Charts January 2020 Discussion Thread

in Sales Discussion on 01 March 2020

curl-6 said: 360 storming ahead of both PS4 and Xbone as the Kinect boost takes effect. It might be a long time before any system outsells 360's total in the US. Switch during 2025. ...

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Switch Gamers Club - Final Update, February 29th 2020

in Nintendo Discussion on 01 March 2020

Summary for January + February 2020 So here we are, this is the final update of this thread in light of ever-declining activity. After 24 months of existence it all comes to an end because we are at the point where not even two off-season months combined net 100+ game additions. The Google spreadsheet with all collected data can be viewed here. Total Stats 2 new members in January + February....

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Nintendo VS Sony Fiscal Years: Global Edition

in Sales Discussion on 01 March 2020

src said: RolStoppable said: Sony isn't the market leader. They greatly benefit from a reality distortion field that arranges various metrics to make them look more successful than Nintendo when they really haven't been for the majority of time. One such example is in your post with the revenue argument. But as the business world knows: Revenue is vanity, profit is...

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Nintendo VS Sony Fiscal Years: Global Edition

in Sales Discussion on 28 February 2020

src said: RolStoppable said: Very nice to see this updated. It's a comparison worth showing to others because quite a lot of people seem to think of Sony as a near unbeatable top dog in the console business despite reality painting a different picture.Nintendo's third win in a row is incoming with ~20m in the current fiscal year vs. Sony's 13.5m (forecast issued in late October,...

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Famitsu Sales: W8, 2020 (Feb 17 - Feb 23)

in Sales Discussion on 28 February 2020

Switch's worst week of 2020 so far does little damage to its YTD advantage, but it will get worse before it gets better again. Week 2019 Weekly 2019 Cumulative 2020 Weekly 2020 Cumulative Difference Weekly Difference...

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Global Hardware 15 February 2020

in Latest Charts on 21 February 2020

Robert_Downey_Jr. said: PS4 still beasting in Europe. Will Corona be under control by the time the new consoles hit? Also could this stop Switch momentum from hitting what it could? It's already safe to say that the coronavirus will limit Switch in Japan because we are getting weekly sales from Famitsu and Nintendo had issued an apology in advance that Switch stock in Japan was bound...

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Switch can't/won't outsell DS because...........

in Sales Discussion on 21 February 2020

I've not ruled it out to begin with that Switch can outsell the DS and I have yet to see anything that points in the direction of it being impossible. Sales comparisons to previous Nintendo consoles usually forget to account for Switch being Nintendo's only console, so one key assumption that is commonly wrong is that Switch is bound to the same or similar sales trajectory. After three years of...

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