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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo quarterly sales update (To September 30th 2022) Switch 114.33 million

archbrix said:
Slownenberg said:

Totally. But it'll only be truly crazy if they don't actually make a 2D Mario for Switch. I'm full on assuming we'll get one for the holidays next year. Of course it won't be able to have the legs they normally have since it'd be coming out very possibly within 12 months of Switch getting replaced, but then again it'll also be launching on a ~135m hardware base. Definite possibility it could sell 15m in a holiday season and go past 20m the following year.

Super Mario Bros. 3 released near the end of the NES' lifecycle (a year and a half before the SNES in NA) and went on to sell 17.28m, becoming the biggest selling non-bundled game on the console.  If Nintendo were to launch a new 2D Mario next April alongside the movie, that would be about a year and a half before holiday of 2024.  Hmm...

That would be really cool if they suddenly announced in like January that a new 2D Mario is hitting in April, or maybe March to give some space between in and Zelda. It would certainly make sense for them to cross promote a new movie and game.

They just better have a 2D Mario next year. Whether for the movie or for the holidays.