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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony's live service push - how do you feel about it, what would you like to see?

Don't care much for them other than the one I already actively play - which is World of Warcraft. So no interest on Sony ones.

These games require a bit of play to keep up and a some time investment/sink, which one is a tough sell for me at the moment. Hoping none of these live games from Sony take off and we get more quality SP games. And less time/resources wasted on GaaS/MP type games from SiE.

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It is a direction that I dislike.

If it makes them money and then they make the games that I do like, then I am fine with it.

But personally, Sony first party has been failing massively for me in the past few years, with only a handful of games that I enjoy.

As usual for me, 3rd parties are doing the heavy lifting.

Mar1217 said:

To be honest announcing 12 games with the same kind of business model spawning in the next 3-4 years to me feels a bit excessive. Like I'm part thinking the reason for this business move is for them to go with it and see what will stick and see which of these games will rake them the most money through the obvious abuse of season passes, microtransactions and other monetization method in mind while most of them will prolly die quite early on.

I mean let's see what these games will look like first, but seeing how they managed the early state of GT7 and we might be in cause for alarm quite early on.

I tend to agree with this.

Since it's fairly new to Sony, and since you don't necessarily need a graphically intensive super polished game at launch to end up with a goliath in this space, I think Sony is going to go for quantity over quality with most of their live service games. At least early on. That way they have the best chance at getting a big winner, just by sheer numbers.

Whichever that game or two is, get's the most attention, period. Work on some polish asap, approve expanding them asap, profit asap, etc.

Now the downside is that most games will get disregarded, especially if by chance Sony ended up with a Fortnite on their hands. For the fewer gamers who like any of those less played games, they aren't going to get much improvement and may flat out get dropped in a year or two.

The big question is aside from new Bungie specific games, will Sony drop these live service games on Game Pass? On one hand you want to keep any big hit on PS5 to force customers to buy Sony hardware, but you also don't really want your junk games on Game Pass because it'll make those gamers think you make terrible live service games.

With XB Series hardware doing as well as it is, being subsidized, and Game Pass closing in on 30 million subs, being subsidized, while having franchises like COD day 1, etc, it's kinda hard to see Sony passing that up now that they're doing PC. Like if you can make a successful, if not hugely successful franchise and have many XB players playing it and buying MTX, lining your pockets, I don't see why you wouldn't when it comes to live service. You've always got AAA(A) first party exclusives, along with DualSense hand magic that XB wouldn't have on your live service games, to sell them on a PS5.

That it blows up in their face.

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

While I'm not a fan of live service games, I like how Sony is approaching this initiative via acquisition, especially since its an area they need to strengthen with industry consolidation.

All I can hope for is that Sony's live service attempts come with a polish of technical wizardry that PlayStation Studios are known for.

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I almost never play multiplayer. So it most likely will not be for me. I get that they need to diversify their line-up and that these sorts of games are money makers if done right with a few people spening extreme amounts of money. But I don't like the practice of buying a game and not owning everything in it fully (or having to grind a bajillion hours). Seems predatory, as another one mentioned before me. So not a fan at all and they won't get my money if it turns out to be like that.

But: I try to be more positive. So perhaps they will truly innovate with their approach to gaas. Perhaps it will be something original in how multiplayer is integrated and challenges appear for players and the world is presented and designed and how you can interact with everything. I will keep an open mind and an open eye for their new games.

But if they want to diversify (and they really should) I would very much like to see a PS fighter, PS top down stradegy, PS jrpg, PS rpg,... New ip is always better, but existing ones with new genres could be cool as well.

And I bet I can't shake the feeling of what could have been when I look at the first few of these games and think what they could have done with that money elsewhere.

As much as people dislike gaas, it's almost needed if you want stay relevant in this day and age. Unfortunately making a good/popular gaas game is way harder than people realize and more times than not, it doesn't work out. As long as Sony keeps releasing their tried and true single player games without compromise, then I'm cool with it.

Most likely never going to play any of them. If it doesn't affect their single player game output, then I have no issue with them existing.

I'm for it if Sony does something good with it. They need to be something like what Splatoon was for Nintendo, a bold, innovative game that a third party publisher couldn't offer. Otherwise, if all these games are just going to ride the tails of other, more successful multiplayer games, then they're going to be lost in the shuffle. Personally, I see this as an opprotunity to revive Sony's older multiplayer IP like Twisted Metal or SOCOM. So if it means that, then its all good.

No thanks, I'm not a fan of live service games.

I like SP games and games that are pretty much one and done when you play it through one playthrough - which is why I avoid MMOs, MOBAs, Gacha, etc games.