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Is the current Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack worth it yet?

I had it day 1 6 18.75%
I recently purchased it 4 12.50%
I still need more content 11 34.38%
I have no interest at all 11 34.38%

I guess in an attempt to show they have added value to the Switch Online + Expansion Pack, they released a video with an overview. While I adopted it when I could, I know others were apprehensive. Does this add enough value for you to get the Expansion Pack or is it still lacking for you? 

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It's been worth it since day one because I'm an Animal Crossing player and because I use the family account. Mario Kart DLC reaffirms that decision. I also like dabbling in the old games from time to time, most recently playing quite a bit of Paper Mario for the first time. I also believe that supporting the program will make Nintendo invest more in the infrastructure as it will be a vital part of their business model.

Meh still not worth it for me for $50/year when I look at the advantages you get with PS+. It might be worth it for those that like retro games and dlcs but Sony legit gives you two-three "free" modern games each month, sometimes AAA games. Not to mention how significantly ahead PSN is compared to Nintendo's online service in terms of features and functionality.

No thanks Nintendo.


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Still need more content to justify getting it.


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Honestly not worth it, but I bought it anyway. One born every minute.

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Originally, I was definitely against the pricing structure of this bundle. $50 a year was simply too steep IMO, and I felt that it would have been worth it if they included GB/GBC, GBA, and GC games (or at least GB/GBC and GBA). However, it is clear that they are going to be including major DLC as part of the pack going forward. If this is the case, I think the value has increased substantially and it is ALMOST worth it as long as it continues...provided you own these games.

However, I still want them to include GB/GBC and GBA games. Heck, bring on some Turbografx while you're at it.

I think the value is there now for a lot of people.
The N64 range has emerged more quickly than expected, and the emulation is vastly improved on what it was a few months ago.
The expansion passes for Animal Crossing and ongoing rollout of Mario Kart tracks are good sweeteners if that’s something the player is interested in. The Sega genesis/megadrive emulation is a bonus.

I feel like it comes down to personal taste now, and has moved past my early reaction of it being an underdone service that needs a lot more work and content.

Since they don't want to add retail or downloadable titles yet, they should add their previous DLCs to make the package more enticing: BotW DLC, SMBU Fighter passes, Splatoon 2: Octo expansion, or even now Monster Hunter Sunbreak.

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I had the standard NSO for a while, but the Expansion Pass has never been very appealing to me at its price. I'd be in if they added GameCube games though.

I also kind of wish they were including a small number of early Switch games that don't sell amazingly any longer rather than DLCs, which require you to already own the game (and want that supplementary content for it) to get any value out of. Some examples could be Arms, Yoshi's Crafted World and the Wii U ports that don't have Mario in the title.

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I'd pay for at least one year if I could keep the Mario Kart DLC going forward, but like PS+ it requires an active membership so it's pointless. I always cancel these memberships once I no longer need them, and I switch between different subs quite often depending on what I actually want to play, as opposed to trying to schedule my habits around them. I don't need these corps tying me down to their ecosystems through insidious means, they have to actually provide value that I care about.