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SvennoJ said:
CGI-Quality said:

The issue you take with the paintings and carpet is the lacking of ambient occlusion. This isn't in addition to, this is the issue in a nutshell. I can go back through those same scenes and brute force AO and get far better results, but I'd like to play through it on its own merits first. AO is also taxing in some instances, and while my system can power through it easy, I'd rather not sacrifice even a tad of performance just for the sake of better occlusion around objects. The game looks plenty great already!

It's actually a testament to how good it looks that we're even nitpicking those paintings. On top of that, because it is a small team that produced those visuals, they are magnified in their excellence. So, the few gripes one can throw at it are acceptable, as visuals are headed in the right direction.  

Another look at the same hallway produces better results because this type of game has better light bounce than games of the past and in stills often leave out subtle intricacies that bring the image to life! So, moving around helps lights and shadows in ways that previous gen's pre-baked solutions lacked.

Ah, my misunderstanding of AO in that case. I always thought that only did 'stuff' to corners :) Yep that pic looks much more balanced. (now the open door stands out, can't win haha)

Yet those Nanite shots, wow! That's a whole different ball park from photo grammetry in FS2020 (which is mighty impressive as well, from 800ft distance) Might I ask how much RAM that consumes. Photogrammetry data in FS2020 is very memory intensive. Depending on the draw distance of course, yet to have a clear 4K scene stretching into the distance you're looking at over 20GB commited system ram.

Here's me going in my head whether Death Stranding or Forbidden West has the best looking open world environments, then Nanite shows up :)

What helps that Nanite environment is Lumen, where the light really bounces around nicely. It's actually using a lot of what makes Martha work, but AO is really applied where it lacks in Martha. 

Of course, that's a slab of an environment and Martha has to work across hours of playtime. So, sacrifices had to be made. And yes, that door does stick out, because the light is not bouncing off of it as it should. Oddly enough, in other shots, that isn't an issue.


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I'm playing through horizon west, and I can say that tlou2 has better graphics, so far.

CGI-Quality said:

Now THIS is something special! Known as UE5 Discover and running on Nanite, the screens show me walking through what is a visually stunning environment, textured with photogrammetry and showing what potential next generation games may look like when running exclusively on PS5, XSX, and PC!

What do you think?

I love what the lighting is doing to the scene...but honestly, I would not like to play a game that looks like this - for my taste, it looks a bit bland and ordinary, too much like yet another unperfect copy of the real world. but that's just me, I'll always take stylized realism over attempts at photoreaslism.

ironmanDX said:

Wow, end cross gen support now....

I wish. Most publishers are going to drag it out until at least Holiday 2023 though since PS5 and Xbox Series are having supply issues (same for current gen AMD and Nvidia GPU's). 

KratosLives said:

I'm playing through horizon west, and I can say that tlou2 has better graphics, so far.

Character models, perhaps. World detail, particularly water? Nah. Horizon has it beat in regards to vegetation, lighting, water, environment maps.

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CGI-Quality said:

We'll start with this!


This impressed me a lot the first time I watched it.

I'm looking forward to this game, even if I have no idea how the gameplay will work out.

I have a Youtube channel... A Twitter, and... Yeah.

What could a remade Heavy Rain look like in the 9th Gen?


Martha Is Dead

I can't stress it enough that some of you are sleepin' on Martha! This game is straight up next gen! From the movement of organic life, to the indoor/outdoor bounce lighting, ground/wall (some of which look real) shaders and photogrammetry, and surface reflections (surface, so not just mirrors/waters)! The biggest deal for me is the Real Time Global Illumination! Standing in shadows, but still having everything light up accurately is such a sight! And this is a UE4 game. It all comes together quite nicely and only the second game that truly shows off what targeted raytracing does for a game!

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A very good look at Art & Assets that go into the development process and our pipelines used to reach the fantastic results you see!