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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Shin Megami Tensei V sells over 800k

Kneetos said:

I hear we are getting a remaster of persona 3 P/fez or persona 4 for ps4/switch

I never got around to playing either of them so I hope it's true

Yep, excited for both.

I played Persona 3 Portable on the PSP about almost 10 years ago and loved it. Was surprised to find out years later that Persona 3 Portable plays completely different from the FES on PS2 - so hopefully this new remaster contains the content from P3P but includes the gameplay of FES.

Also I just hope the ability to control the full party like in P3P is in as well.

I already played Persona 4 on PS2 about 5 years ago and got the Steam version two years ago. I wouldnt mind multi dipping on Switch or PS4.

Persona 4 so far is my favorite in the Persona series  - havent played 5 yet. I hope Persona 1 and 2 gets ported over as well.

Right now I've been playing SMT back to back - finished SMTIV (my first SMT game) a year ago, SMT Soul hackers few months ago and finished SMTIV Apocalypse last month.

Currently playing through SMT Strange Journey redux on 3DS and loving it as well. Also got SMTV on Switch last month.

I cant believe I waited this long to play a SMT game, didnt know what I was missing lol.


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Me too. I have never played a SMT game, but everybody talk wonders about It. They say It is the JRPG Dark Souls. Is It so hard?

DavidValbu said:

Me too. I have never played a SMT game, but everybody talk wonders about It. They say It is the JRPG Dark Souls. Is It so hard?

Its hard as hell but thankfully there are options to make it easier (you can change difficulty and it wont affect the story).

I remember I was getting destroyed in SMTIV and SMTIV Apocalypse.

I played casual mode because I dont want to grind lol

But knowing enemy weaknesses and strengths plays a major role.

The story in the SMT games are great. Some of my most favorite in JRPGs. Very different from the usual medieval style stories.


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Hopefully it can leg out to 2 millions, that would be pretty incredible.

This is a reply to above^ forgot to hit quote.

I think it will. Positive word of mouth, plus increased knowledge of the series in general will help, “Switch affect” is definitely helping, and if it comes out on PS4/Steam like it’s been rumored, it might even hit 3m. 

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bought it at launch. can't wait to try it out. It'll be my second in the series (4: Apocalypse was my first)! Hope to see it hit 1 million.


How much sold Persona 5 in PS4?

Damn fine result for a niche JRPG, Switch once again proving itself fertile ground for games of all kinds.

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Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.

DavidValbu said:

How much sold Persona 5 in PS4?

3.2mil and Persona 5 Royal sold 1.8mil, SMTV is not going to sell that much.

Congrats to Shin Megami Tensei V! I got the game earlier today. Will play it very soon!