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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Have you ever quit a game due to difficulty?

JWeinCom said:

Chrono Cross. There was a boss I was having a tough time with because apparently I was supposed to steal an item from an earlier enemy. It wasn't like I intentionally quit, I just put it down and never got around to playing again.

I hate games that are like this.

I quit playing the final chapter of Final Fantasy IV the After Years (Wii version) after a certain party member died and the game became almost unbeatable with what remained in my party.  I found out later that if I had certain members in my active party that the death would not have happened which made me extremely angry.  I abandoned the game for a year out of anger and eventually tried the final chapter again with the right party members and found it to be rather easy at that point.  That said, the game gets pretty poor marks in my book as I think it is a terrible game design decision for a modern rpg game (made in the last 25 years) to require gamers to read a walkthrough in advance of playing.  I can accept needing a walkthrough to 100% a game, but it should never be needed in order to finish the main story.

Chrono Cross is on my list of games to play and so I appreciate the heads-up warning here.  I will have to look up the name of this particular enemy before I play.

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Depends, there are games that I like overall until certain specific parts that require either a very thin edge of difference between mastery and failure or you absolutely have to know something or have something to get past it. I just look those issues up as I don't have time to be frustrated with BS run around game design anymore.

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Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lairs last level the Lair, I always meant to go back to it and try it again but I haven't so far.

I've quit a bunch of JRPGs that require so much grinding I end up burnt out. There's a big difference between needing skill and just wasting time, dammit.

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Quite a few to be honest

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rapsuperstar31 said:

Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lairs last level the Lair, I always meant to go back to it and try it again but I haven't so far.

did you get all the bees? I found once I had all the bees it was pretty easy. Trying to do it without any bees, though? No thanks. That's a task I'll leave to Jirard. 

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Never, I always push through and persevere lol, at least as an adult. When I was a child, there were a few games on the SNES that I stopped playing because it was too difficult, but I chalk that up to age more than anything. 

In recent memory, the closest I stopped playing a game due to sheer frustration was Watchdogs 2, particularly one of the main missions with the puzzle on the beach. 

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rapsuperstar31 said:

Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lairs last level the Lair, I always meant to go back to it and try it again but I haven't so far.

That's another one where I really loved the game overall as 95% of it was awesome, but I never finished the final level, too stressful.

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Yes, plenty of times, usually early on. If a game has confusing controls, or massive and complex skilltrees as well as other systems that you have to look at and tinker with regularly, that's a huge turn off for me. If simply playing the game is too complicated for a working adult to pick it up and play randomly, then it's generally too difficult for me.

Now, if you mean something like fighting Emmi's in Dread, I haven't quit that game (because it loads you right back in prior to the fight, making it less frustrating) but games that are difficult in that way I sometimes enjoy (Dread, Celeste) but most of them, like Dark Souls, I've never touched and have no desire. They just seem stressful and frustrating lol.

Another thing that made me never quit a game due to it's difficult is because nowadays you can just Google how to beat xxxx. I've done this some times, the secret boss in Octopath Traveler for instance was impossible to beat without looking for some build tips

This is true even to skill based games. Megaman 11 comes to mind, sometimes I just watched boss matches on YouTube and tried to replicate the moves, it always worked