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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Favourite console not from your preferred brand

Don't really have an attachment to any specific brands. But Playstation consoles always have been the last for me to consider, so I'll now with that.
It's quite an easy one - the amazing PS2. The console that has some of my all-time favourite games.


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The 360, since I prefer Nintendo and Sony, in that order.

The original Xbox. That thing was a beast and ran circles around the pathetic hardware from the PS2 and the Gamecube. Third party titles looked way better, plus it had Morrowind. Oh, and it had a hard drive when you still had to buy ridiculously overpriced memory card for all the other consoles. It was just ahead of its time in so many ways.

Every Xbox after that was just garbage in my opinion. But the first one was great. What's funny is that people got a heart attack when it was announced that the launch price would be 479 €. Something like that was unheard of, so it quickly dropped to 299 € and the day one buyers got three games and a controller for free. Nowadays people party like there's no tomorrow when a new console gets released for "only" 499 €. Oh, how times have changed. =D

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OdinHades said:

The original Xbox. That thing was a beast and ran circles around the pathetic hardware from the PS2 and the Gamecube.

Xbox was indeed a beast, but I don't know about it "running circles" around the "pathetic hardware" of the Gamecube in particular. Yes, it was more capable overall, but the Cube was a beast in its own right, as games like Roque Squadron 2 and 3, Starfox Adventures, and Resident Evil 4 can attest to.

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PortisheadBiscuit said:


Same here but with a caveat that the 360 best was up till 2008, after that two things happened they fell away and the PS3 picked up the pace and their 1st party took off plus a lot of 3rd party games previously exclusive to 360 became available, but before that 360 was great and even with the drop off still had enough great post 2008 games to be my nominee for this thread.

Listed in no particular order besides year,  games like Gears - Oblivion - Dead Rising - Rainbow 6 Vegas followed in 2007 with Crackdown - Forza 2 - Blue Dragon - Halo 3 - Bioshock - Mass Effect - Orange Box - Lost Planet 2008  Lost Odyssey - Fable 2 - Fallout 3 -Gears 2 - showed what great games the 360 had, for example my library at that that time consisted of around 70 XBox 360 games but only 10 or so PS3 games but at the end of the gen the numbers were 90 odd 360 games and around 300 PS3 games.

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Nintendo has been my preference since my family started with a GameCube and I got a GBA around the same time. I keep coming back for every piece of Nintendo hardware since those two because of Nintendo's first-party line-up.

But I got a PS4 Pro in 2019, so that's what I'll pick. I also own a Vita and played probably about 100+ hours on the Xbox 360 over the years due to my brothers and cousins having one.

So the answer is PS4.

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Preferred brand is Playstation for Exclusives, but fave outside of that would be:

1) Sege Mega Drive / CD combo
2) Sega Dreamcast
3) N64

I'm team PC/PlayStation, atm.
Snes hands down.

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OdinHades said:

[...] Xbox [...]  was a beast and ran circles around the pathetic hardware from the PS2 and the Gamecube.

Whoa there. I'll have to go with Curl and point out that you probably did not play the Cube much. That thing could do some amazing things, so I'm pretty sure the OGbox would not "run circles" around it. Heck, I have even seen some analysis (can't remember where now) that show some properties of GC that were ahead of the XBox.

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