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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do you plan to buy a Switch OLED model?


Do you plan to buy a Switch OLED model?

Yes, and it will be my first Switch 39 4.48%
Yes, and I already own a Switch/Switch Lite 133 15.29%
No, I am still not interested in any Switch 128 14.71%
No, I am happy with my Switch/Switch Lite 349 40.11%
I am still undecided 67 7.70%
All I wanted was a Switch Pro 154 17.70%

As I play mostly in TV mode, it has nothing to offer me.

I might need my own Switch when I move out but I think I'll hold out a bit to see whether we get any hints/rumours of a Switch Successor which should proceed any actual reveal by a year at minimum.
-I'll rather buy a cheap Switch TV than this OLED model
-I'll rather sit 2022 out and wait to a buy a successor late 2023/early 2024 than invest in another Switch since I've played most of the must-have games.

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Most Insiders just guess a lot of stuff and are right from time to time. They know Nintendo, they know Nintendo often changes their hardware a little bit so they probably thought Nintendo could have better hardware so let's just sell a guess as insider information^^

Nope, I play almost always in docked mode so there isn't much of a benefit to me getting one.

No. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

I like it and would get it over the lite any day. Although I play docked 99% of the time so it's not for me.

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I will buy it cause I need two switches as my sister keeps stealing mine. But I'd rather not get two of the same switches.


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WoodenPints said:

No, My Switch never leaves the dock so this does nothing for me.

Same for me.

Maybe if my current Switch breaks for some reason, but Im good for now.

No way. I've had a standard Switch for four years this month. I play in docked mode around 80% of the time (possibly higher). Even if I played way more in handheld mode the few new features aren't worth it.
A Switch Deluxe (or whatever it would be called) still probably wouldn't be enough to entice me. So Switch OLED sure as heck won't.

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Yes. Will give my launch model to my gf

Baddman said:

Yes. Will give my launch model to my gf

Same here.  I've been holding off getting a 2nd Switch and giving the launch model to my wife in the hopes that the Pro rumors were true.  But since there is no Pro on the horizon now, I'll get the OLED instead.  Even though I use the Switch primarily in docked mode, I do take it to work with me and use it on lunchbreak and other times away from home as well.  So the better screen quality will be worth it for me.