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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony acquires Housemarque

Given the history, it was to be expected. I'm interested to see what they contribute to the AAA space.

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Bandorr said:

I don't really "get" these types of purchases. How is funding a third party exclusive different than funding a first-party exclusive.
Can you not give money/time/experience/software/equipment etc to a company that is helping making a game?

Guess it reminds me of a marriage. There are a couple legal differences between "dating" and "married" but in general the concept is the same either way. So what are the differences between contracting a third party -and owning one?

If you contract someone to do something, you accept them doing it, as best they can.
If you own a studio, and they want to try to grow, your not just tossing away money to the benefit of another company, but instead building yourself up. I think it makes it easier to accept pushing in capital.

Atleast thats how I see it.
No doubt, next game from HouseMarque will been even more ambitious, and bigger.
I read on twitter that they are growing the size of the studio, with hires (more hands on deck) along with all the guideance/software/equiptment help ect from sony.

Its gonna result in bigger and better games from them in future.

Oneeee-Chan!!! said:

^ case in point. 

"Stuido will be expanded"

Nice pickup for sure, exciting to see what they'll do with a bigger budget.

So when is the publisher buying spree going to end? Ir feels like every month a platform holder buys a new studio.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Darwinianevolution said:

So when is the publisher buying spree going to end? Ir feels like every month a platform holder buys a new studio.

You're mainly think of MS. Sony has bought 2 studios in the last 2 years, each has mostly worked exclusively with them in the past before the acquisition. I suspect there will be more puchases (bluepoint and potentially emberlabs) but again these are teams that either have never worked on a multiplatform title or rarely do so. So no ones loss.

Longterm I think they're eyeing new studios that just recently formed versus buying out hugely established AAA studios.

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Sony Japan leaked Bluepoint. They posted that pic but the Bluepoint logo instead. I think they since deleted it. So Probably not long until that's announced.

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JuliusHackebeil said:

Yeah, I noticed. I was unclear above. I meant to say that the logo should have been more to the center and not half cut off.

Dreams was actually my most played game last year. Such a shame it did not break through to mainstream audiences

I bought it on release, played it for a bit then made the mistake of trying out the editor. That unfortunately turned me off the game, I couldn't even get the hang of moving the camera around in the editor.

It also has the problem of too much choice. What do you play, where do you start, how do you find the gems without feeling like you wasted an hour wading through mediocre stuff. Looking for good levels felt like work instead of fun and when you find one, the fun is usually over quickly.

That was at release though, no idea what it looks like now. I was always planning to come back for the VR part but haven't got to it yet.

So happy about this. Returnal is one of my favorite games in years. Housemarque put themselves on another level with Returnal, and I immediately started saying how Sony, if they have any intelligence, should buy them. Glad I didn’t have to wait too long. 😆 Honestly, Returnal had some shortcomings that prevented it from hitting mainstream popularity/success, but it was so damn good otherwise that, esp with Sony’s backing, I would put money down that Housemarque are only one or two games away from a huge hit.

JuliusHackebeil said:
twintail said:

The dreams / media molecule disrespect hurts with this picture. I'm still bummed out that dreams has not had a bigger success story. Or really even somewhat of a success story.

I thought the same thing. I hope it was a mistake. I mean, how hard would it be to just shrink the other banners a little bit to fit more of MM’s banner in there? I barely recognized what it was supposed to be. :(

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TallSilhouette said:
Oneeee-Chan!!! said:

Sounds like Housemarque might be going AAA - that or two teams. Will be interesting to see either way.

They’ve already had another team working on a 2nd game during Returnal’s development.