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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What's your favorite sport in Wii Sports?

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Best sport from Wii Sports is...

Baseball 1 2.38%
Bowling 13 30.95%
Boxing 3 7.14%
Golf 7 16.67%
Tennis 18 42.86%

Shit, I voted for bowling. I was only glancing at the poll and somehow read it as Boxing. Bowling isn’t even my second favourite, it’s my third.

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Boxing and Baseball were the 2 that got the most play when I would have friends over to play Wii.  I gave the nod to Boxing in the poll, but honestly Baseball was right up there with it in our group.

Voted Tennis, though boxing is a close 2nd.

Golf & bowling are 3rd/4th... I think ultimately I would choose golf over bowling but there were other better golf games on the Wii, bowling I guess was surpassed by Wii sports resort version but the original Wii bowling did it's job almost perfectly anyway, perfect party game for including non-gamers.

Didn't really do much with Baseball, I imagine it was popular with Japanese gamers, maybe American gamers too but I would think they would want something with more depth. As it is I think I played more of the Wii Play billiards game than I did of Wii Sports baseball.

It's between bowling and golf.
Played bowling by far the most but played a lot of golf too and it was a blast. Boxing would literally keep me warm in the winter with the heat in the house set to only like 45 degrees so yeah did a good amount of boxing as well. Baseball was shit probably played it like 5 times right when Wii came out. Tennis was mediocre at best since they hampered it by not letting you control the character so didn't play tennis very much.

To be honest... I enjoyed all of them equally. I had time to be addicted for every one of them.

BTW, has somebody played the "deluxe" version on the Wii U? Was that at least as good as the original?

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Vodacixi said:

To be honest... I enjoyed all of them equally. I had time to be addicted for every one of them.

BTW, has somebody played the "deluxe" version on the Wii U? Was that at least as good as the original?

I think it had some kind of subscription. I remember there was some kind of extraordinary bullshit around the game and everyone just played the old Wii Sports.

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

Bowling and Tennis are the two clear standouts. The pitching and batting in Baseball were pretty decent. I wasn't a big fan of the Golf or Boxing games.

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There was something just so magical about Wii Sports/Resort, the way it could bring all kinds of people together, young and old, casual and hardcore, even those who had never been interested in gaming before like my mum, and just allow us all to have carefree fun, laughing and cheering and shouting in victory or dismay as we played.

Those will always be some of my most treasured memories of gaming.

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Mainly Boxing, was the one that required more physicallity and i kept playing it until i defeated Matt and later until the score passed above the progress bar i think, very fun to play against my brother since it became kinda chaotic.

-The problem with tennis was that in a player vs player we discovered that somthing like the one that starts doing the first service very strongly was mostly assured to win the match.
-Golf was good but it felt better to play golf in wii sports resort.
-Bowling like golf was very good, and at first was the one that we played the most since it felt very natural unlike some of the other mechanics.
-Baseball was kinda entertaining at the beginning but maybe the limitations of the control made it less fun, swinging the bat was satisfactory when you connected but throwing the ball was weird?

The training minigames were the star of the package for me:

Tennis - Very good games altogether:
* Returning Balls - Easy and satisfactory on the wrist, but also you had to watch in wich direction was Elisa launching the balls, since how hitting with one side or the reverse affected direction in which the ball went.
* Timing you Swing - Similar to the previous one in fun, a bit more difficult since the movement needed to be more precise if you hitted too soon the ball would go to a side, if you took to long it would go to the front or even to the other side.
* Target Practice - Very fun once you learn that you have to "float" the balls more with soft movements to not destroy the bricks too quickly.

Baseball - kinda so-so:
* Hitting Home Runs - easiest and the most repeatable of the baseball games.
* Swing Control - kinda like the timing your swing from tennis but goes hard at random from the pitcher throwing the ball in strange ways
* Batting Practice - same as above it supposed to be kinda easy but the pitcher goes awry at times.

Bowling - fun to pick up anytime:
*Picking Up Spares - Best one with most strategy behind it. Very fun complementary to the main bowling.
* Power Throws - Easiest and most fun in the beginning triying to make more pins fall by swinging harder of changing the angle.
* Spin Control - Could not get very good at this in the end where there was a thing blocking the pins, i think you need to make the ball jump or bounce but i couldn't get to do it.

Golf - complementary to the main game
*Hitting the Green
*Target Practice

Boxing - very fun on sandbag, difficult on others:

* Woking the Bag - the easiest and the most fun of them all, once you learn the rythm becomes very satisfactory to try and destroy even more sandbags, kept playin this even when i didn't play much wii anymore, tried to get to 60 sandbags or so.
* Dodging - difficult i couldn't discover certain patterns to improve more, limitations on the control would make you want to twist your wrists instead of moving your body.
* Throwing Punches - not so difficult but limitations in control made it somewhat harder to score quickly, instead if you tried doing it fast you would almost certainly hit Matt.

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