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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What's your favorite sport in Wii Sports?

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Best sport from Wii Sports is...

Baseball 1 2.38%
Bowling 13 30.95%
Boxing 3 7.14%
Golf 7 16.67%
Tennis 18 42.86%

Ah that was hard. I went with Golf but Tennis could easily be the pick. Golf had a lot of depth but Tennis was so easy to pick up and play and get obsessed with it.

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theRepublic said:
curl-6 said:

Resort is to me one of the best examples of a sequel that takes the foundation of its predecessor and improves on it massively. 

Kendo/swordfighting would have to be my favourite game from it, but the plane, bowling, and archery were superb as well.

The sword fighting was awesome.  Sometimes I wonder if the people that struggled with Skyward Sword never played Wii Sports Resort.

The swordfighting in Wii Sports Resort was my biggest "wow, this is so next gen" moment of Gen 7. More than Gears of War, more than Uncharted 2, more than Crysis even. It really felt like something futuristic, almost science fiction, like it was straight out of an episode of Star Trek or something. Truly mindblowing stuff.

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Guys, guys, by the way...

Who else, when playing Wii Sports' Tennis for the first couple of times, began to run around the room with the Wiimote trying to follow the ball? Because I did. Haha,