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Forums - Movies & TV - Movies that were panned by critics, but weren't really that bad

hinch said:

I didn't know Metacritic did movies as well lol. The critic scores are woeful and makes even IMDB look somewhat decent.

Movies seem to be graded on a four star scale where two stars or 50% is average. Games tend to be graded on a scholastic scale where 70% is average. Imdb scores make no sense to me.

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I was talking about overall scores. I don't know I look at the MC (movie) scores and a lot are questionable. Like 4.5 for Predator? The Chronicles of Riddick 3.8 Wut who are these reviewers and why should I care for them xD But I'm not a movie buff and my tastes do differ a lot from a lot of critics so theirs that.

JRPGfan said:
IcaroRibeiro said:


I never watched a movie in my life that received negative reviews and end being good

^ basically this.

I dont buy into the "its so bad, its good" stuff.
Or "mindless action fun".

Basically if a movie is hated by critics, its almost certain its just a bad movie.

I don't agree with this at all! Critics are critics: they don't really understand everything that can exist, and are also exposed to hype and overfeeding of the media. And sometimes they fail hard, which can be also on the praising side (like giving tons of good reviews to a horrible, facist piece of crap like The Dark Knight and telling every sheep on the herd it is good, for instance).

Mar1217 said:

I hope we aren't including Fight Club in this discussion. Good thing perspectives change over time on some of these arguably timeless movies.

What do you mean?  Fight Club received an F from Entertainment Weekly when it released.  Sounds like it got panned pretty hard.

Jpcc86 said:

But as with any art form, theres revisionism because perspective and understanding changes with time, films like The Shining or The Thing were poorly received when they originally released and are now considered almost masterpieces of their genre, something I agree with, cause they are that good. 

"Too bad they're good" is an entirely different thing tho. These are bad films - its in the name. We just find them enjoyable because they're ridiculous. Like, Tommy Wiseau's The Room or 2006's Wicker Man. 

Fantastic that you mentioned these two. Both are masterpieces and I cannot understand why they failed in the beginning. That seemed to happen to Kubrick: Woody Allen himself said he didn't understand a thing the first time he saw 2001, as happened to a good portion of the critics, but now seems to agree it is the best sci-fi movie ever made.

On the topic of "too bad they are good", nowadays people don't seem to care that this is a perfectly valid "category" of film. This is mostly because many people, and moviemakers, take themselves too seriously. Take "Commando" for instance. It would never happen nowadays, because there is the need to "deepen" the persona of the bad fellows, explaining there is a reason for him to be that way, while also making the hero fallible, like any other normal person. Boring! Back in the day Arny would take his Bazooka and bring down a bunch of dobadders and there would be no philosophy in between. Good movie? Hell, no, but tons of fun for what it was. And don't anyone come to me to say "there is no such thing as pure bad"! As the Trump administration in the US and the one right now in Brazil have showed, pure evil does exist and is closer to us then we care to admit.

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Trumpstyle said:

The first Starship troopers as some have mention is a great movie, another one is Soldier with Kurt Russell. Starship Troopers is probably better though.

An amazing movie, but hard to be swallowed by the american public: you see, the soldiers, even with some "portenho" names to put you off guard, are the general USA military troopers, sent out to dispatch roach-like creatures, which is also a fantastic disguise as to what the country does to latino immigrants and latin people in general. Nice thing is they get trashed by the bugs lol. I love it.

Another one by the same incredible director is Hollow Man! Unbelievably good piece of Cinema, as in images that are or are not there, and also totally destroyed by the "critics".

drkohler said:
pikashoe said:

Wow, just no to all of this.

Wonder what he thinks of Michael Cimino's "Heaven's Gate".

A historical masterpiece, but obviously presenting the "Ugly American", was instantly penned by every American critic and "critic".

This happens like, a lot!, be it with critics or the public. Take "Letters from Iwo Jima", a masterpiece that bombed on the box office. At least it got good reviews.

I can think of a lot of games that were panned that I enjoyed but movies are tougher. Usually horror movies are rated pretty low and I enjoy them.

Shusuke Kaneko's 2006 two-part live action adaption of Death Note received a tepid reception from Western fans and critics on release, even if general audiences in Japan seemed to love it, and they're two of my favourite films of all time.

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Bofferbrauer2 said:
Shaunodon said:

Con Air is a certified classic in my book.

On any other day, this would seem strange

Con air got bad reviews? I thought it was amazing.