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Forums - Movies & TV - Movies that were panned by critics, but weren't really that bad

Mar1217 said:

Jumanji would come to mind in this case. 

I got a colleage saying "oh we watched Jumanji the other day with my son, it was so fun, the one with The Rock"

I was like "why not watching the first/actual one?"

"I always hated that movie"

*Surprised Pikachu face*

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I see that Hannibal has 40 on RT (but 57 on MC). Doesn't help that it lives in the shadow of The Silence of the Lambs, but I thought it was a decent film in its own right.

BASEketball has 42 on RT and 38 on MC. That's a film that's never failed to make me laugh.

I like the Star Wars prequels. Not going to disagree with the dialogue being goofy or pretend they are my favorite movies, but in anticipation for episode 7 I rewatched the prequels and original trilogy in that order and was surprised how much I still enjoyed eps 1-3. I enjoy the galactic politics and grander universe of the prequels and definitely prefer them to the sequel trilogy. Also, AJAB so I don't really care about critics opinions. If I like something I don't let a mob ruin my own enjoyment.

SKMBlake said:

White Chicks


In no particular order, only counting ones I have seen and appreciated unironically:

  • Fight Club (1999) - To be fair, people are still often divided over this film.
  • Gojira (1954) - The original Godzilla film was a legitimately good sci-fi/horror/thriller film, yet people wrote it off for being implausible (no shit).
  • Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) - Reception was pretty divided, considering how this is widely considered one of the greatest sci-fi movies ever created.
  • The Producers (1967) - It had a mixed at best reception back in the day, possibly because the dark humor was a bit much for some people.
  • The Thing (1982) - Critics love it nowadays, but reviews I've found from critics around release seem to be mixed at best. Nowadays, everybody knows that this is a great sci-fi horror story.

Love and tolerate.

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danasider said:
SKMBlake said:

White Chicks


Watched it the other day, have Thousand Miles in my head since then

While I do feel happy for everyone involved when there is a movie I like that also was received well critically, I never refer to them for my levels of enjoyment.

Most of the time I have no idea how critics reacted to movies I love. The Patriot (Mel Gibson) is my favourite movie of all time, and I'm pretty sure it is mostly forgotten about today.

I guess a big one for me is Adam Sandler flicks. Love em. Can't get enough.

Superhero flicks like: Man of Steel, BvS, Thor, are all severely underrated in my opinion.


A Haunted House (20 metacritic) and A Haunted House 2 (17 meatacritc) where actually both pretty decent I almost enjoyed them as much as Scary Movie and Scary Movie 3 my two favorite movies from the Scary Movie franchise. Kung Pow is the lowest rated movie that I actually think is great I would give it a 8/10 its one of my favorite comedies in the last twenty years its also super quotable which makes it so good.

A Haunted House is a fantastic movie. Don't know why it received such a bad rating. This is one of my favorite comedies.

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Apollo 18 has a 23% score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 24 on Metacritic but I found it was an effectively creepy horror flick that did a good job of capturing the era it was set in.