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Forums - Movies & TV - Movies that were panned by critics, but weren't really that bad

Con Air is a certified classic in my book.

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Probably every arnie, van damme and stallone movie.

Clue (1985) is an absolute classic, and while it has good reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, it has a 39 on Metacritic. Phenomenal movie with a fantastic cast and that amazing campy 80's vibe.

Also to those in the comments saying if critics pan it, it can't be good....lord help you....

Shaunodon said:

Con Air is a certified classic in my book.

On any other day, this would seem strange

JRPGfan said:
IcaroRibeiro said:


I never watched a movie in my life that received negative reviews and end being good

^ basically this.

I dont buy into the "its so bad, its good" stuff.
Or "mindless action fun".

Basically if a movie is hated by critics, its almost certain its just a bad movie.

user scores tend to be higher than critic scores, sometimes extremely higher.

Look at "Kung Pow" --average critic score is 14.  Average user score is 8.6

That tells me that critics don't have any sense of humor, or they don't know what they are talking about.

Around the World in 80 days was hilarious, I don't know how it's any less of a movie than any of the other Disney movies, well non-musicals anyway.

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There are tons.
I'll pick some that got panned by critics - that I not only enjoy as guilty pleasures, but I consider to be great movies.
- Taken 1. Die hard, The Bourne surpremacy and Taken 1 are my 3 favorite action movies of all time - Taken sits at a sad 51 on Metacritic.
- The next three days sits at 52 on Metacritic and it's an incredibly engaging movie. Love it.
- Angel-A has a 48 on Metacritic and is easily my favorite Luc Besson film. It is worth more than a 50 MC just for the visuals alone.
- Willow has a 47 on MC and is arguably the greatest fantasy film of the 80s.
- Spaceballs has a 46 on MC but is one of my favorite comedies of all time. Right up there with Top Secret! and MP's Holy grail.

The first Starship troopers as some have mention is a great movie, another one is Soldier with Kurt Russell. Starship Troopers is probably better though.

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National Treasure (MC: 39, RT: 46) and Book of Secrets (MC: 48, RT: 36) were both fun adventure films. Ditto for the two Jolie Tomb Raider films.

I believe someone mentioned Speed Racer already, but I want to add that it has a 41% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is a real crime.  The movie is awesome, but I would not recommend it to anyone with epilepsy. Maybe that is why it got a low score?

Overall I tend to find that movie critics tend to like the same films that I do though.  Instead I find the following two scenarios happen a lot more often.
1) They like movies that I can't stand.  This includes a fair amount of movies that get Oscar nominations.

2) They like a movie, that I also think is great.  However, the movie flops at the box office, because most people missed it for whatever reason like The Big Lebowski or Scott Pilgrim vs The World.  I'd really like to find more hidden gems like these.

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