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Forums - Sony Discussion - Rumour: Naughty Dog Remaking TLOU1

TLoU remake seems silly to me. The original holds up great and doesn't need a new coat of paint.


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Obviously they are making the Last of us karting

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Qwark said:

Obviously they are making the Last of us karting

Joel is in first place! Time to throw the homing blue golf club!

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Didn’t the game have a remastered version in 2014? Why a remake so soon?

The Last of Us does not need a remake. I guess remaking it would be akin to Metal Gear Solid the Twin Snakes or Shadow of the Colossus (PS4).

I don't want a new Uncharted game. The only Uncharted related project I would be interested is a full on expanded remake of Golden Abyss on PS5 with added content and multiplayer.

Bend should work on that or Syphon Filter.

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Why do fanboys always try to infer that X journalist is pro-Xbox or anti-Xbox or anti-Sony and this and that. when they report news that they don't like?..

He's just reporting what his sources tell him. He's not anti or pro anything. He makes pieces on third-party studios all the time, he talked about crunch not just from Naughty Dog but from CD Projekt Red and Bioware, and actually he defended Naughty Dog when the leaks were initially rumored to be coming from angry overworked employees.

Anyway, personally, I don't like this news. I remember when MS was too risk-averse and hit-driven, and there was the meme where MS was basically all-in with "Halo, Gears, Forza, Fable", only supplemented with third-party marketing deals by the end of the 360 gen. Now, it seems like we could end with the "God of War, Spider-Man, Uncharted, Horizon, Last of Us", supplemented with timed exclusive third-party deals from Sony.

Ugh, so done with Naughty Dog, shit developer

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the-pi-guy said:
Otter said:

Flood of news

-ND Working on 3 Projects (TLOU Remake, Uncharted, New IP)

They aren't.  

Factions mentioned in the article is The Last of Us 2 multiplayer.  


From what I read from the article, creative freedom died at Sony's studios. I dont put much weight on Jasons articles tbh, but the signs are there to believe it is actually true.

How about they go back to Jak and Daxter? :)