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Forums - Sony Discussion - Rumour: Naughty Dog Remaking TLOU1

V-r0cK said:

If true, I feel like Sony's reason to remake this is to be in lined with the new TLoU tv show that's coming out. If there was any time to remake it now would be it.

Anybody that's feeling negative about this, would you prefer that Sony just ports the PS3/PS4 version over to the PS5? I'm more happy that they're remaking this rather than to get another remaster. I'm sure Sony will utilize the power of the PS5 for this so lets see what they can do.

Also, forget Days Gone, give me The Order 1886 sequel! lol

It seems very unnecessary to remake a game that came out in 2013 and had a remaster shortly after. Just release a PS5 patch to play the remaster at 4k/60fps and call it a day. 

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Not interested in either of those. TLOU3 or a new IP.

For me, the draw of tlou was the story. That likely won't change and the gameplay is good enough.
I won't be on board if the rumor is true.

This is sad but hilarious how Sony just turns arrogant again once they have a successful gen.
I fear for Nintendo post-Switch era as well

The Last of Us needs a soft reboot. A new story that takes place somewhere else in the same world. There is a lot of potential, but a remake of a game that isn't even that old isn't it.

Uncharted needs to die already. The entire trilogy ended well with 3. Then we got 4, which was good, but felt forced. Let them make something new FFS...

Days Gone 2 is understandable, but the first one still sold well despite negative press. I think if they followed fan feedback, a sequel or another game in that world could turn out pretty good. Lost opportunity, but this one is the least disappointing.

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Please don't... they will try to retcon the story and ruin it.

As for my personal thoughts on all of this:

- Huge Uncharted fan, always felt that the series had a good conclusion as far as the Nathan Drake story goes - yet had room to carry on with other characters. This particular rumour I think its old, hasnt been confirmed as far as I know, I hope it turns out to be true because as far as adventure games go, this series sits at the peak for me. Love to have it back and would be a huge incentive for me to get a PS5, cause at this point eh...

- As for that TLOU remake rumour:

Love TLOU but it still feels too new to have a remake? The remastered version sold a lot on ps4, so I see no point for this. 
And as much as I like both this series, I'd still preffer if ND worked on a new IP, they havent done anything new in a looong time. 

It's all rumors until we hear something official. The Nathan Drake story has been told, but still plenty of characters in that series that I would be interested in playing through their story. Same with Last of Us, I don't need a remake, but go the Fallout route and pick new characters in a different part of the country. I'm always down for new ips so hopefully if these rumors are true that is the project that comes sooner.

shikamaru317 said:
the-pi-guy said:

They aren't.  

Factions mentioned in the article is The Last of Us 2 multiplayer.  

Ugh. So not only do we learn that the San Diego studio Uncharted studio we've heard rumors of for the past 3 years was never working on a new Uncharted, but the silver lining that Naughty Dog themselves might be working on a new Uncharted might also be false, as Jason says he is unsure if the new Uncharted at Naughty Dog is still in development. What a sad day for Uncharted fans like myself.

April 9 2021 shall be remembered by “fans like yourself” as the day an Uncharted game that wasn’t in production was reported as not being in production by a rumour.

they said that BEND STUDIOS was remaking tlou1