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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo Switch Turns Four!


Rank the Switch as a console!

10 25 25.77%
9 33 34.02%
8 26 26.80%
7 7 7.22%
6 2 2.06%
5 0 0%
4 2 2.06%
3 2 2.06%
2 0 0%
1 0 0%

I can't believe there's not a thread about this yet.

I remember when Switch was unveiled many people thought it was going to fail miserably. After all, it was just launching with BotW (which was also coming for Wii U), and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (which was also on Wii U). The launch was a little shaky hardwarewise. There were reports of drifting joycons, hairline fractures on the back of the console, and docks scratching screens. 2017 delivered a fantastic lineup of games including Odyssey, Xenoblade 2, and the surprisingly good Mario X Rabbids. 2018 was a bit of a slow year in terms of quality games, but then 2019 dropped a massive amount of good games on us to make up for it. 2020 was also a slow year in terms of quality games from Nintendo, but definitely not in terms of quality 3rd party releases. 2021 has an absolutely stacked year of 3rd party releases for Switch including Bravely Default II, No More Heroes III, Ryza 2, Monster Hunter Rise, Monster Hunter Stories 2, SMTV, Rune Factory 5, and Disgaea 6. Japanese 3rd party studios have come out of the woodwork to support Switch and it shows! With it's portability Switch has become the premier console for Indie games. Many Indie games launch on just PC and Switch simultaneously, because that is where the money is at right now. When Switch launched many called it underpowered, but ports like Witcher 3, and Doom proved those naysayers wrong!

I bought nearly every Wii U game I could think was worth getting and still only wound up with 13 Wii U games. I did the same for Switch and am well over 100 games.

Anyway, what do you think of the consoles first four years? What are your favorite games on the system?

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I still remember the diluge of NX rumour threads like it was yesterday. Oh how time flies...

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I'm going to go with an eight. There are a lot of improvements still to be made with the console (online, joycon issues), and some games resolution is very poor (Xenoblade 2), but, overall, it's pretty much all quality.

Solid 9. Fantastic design, smooth OS and some pretty revolutionary games braced the console. And still many to come!

Probably a 9 because of some first-party games that are amazing like Super Mario Odyssey. For all the Switch's faults, there are some stellar first-party games (new and ports included).

I can't give a 10 right now because of the garbage online that we pay for, lack of Virtual Console. JoyCon drift, etc. If some of those things are still there in the end but the Switch gets better in some other ways, I might give it a 10. For reference, I don't think I'd give any video game console a 10/10. Even some of my other favorites like the PS4, 3DS, and GameCube still have some notable flaws.

Switch is 4, and still only in the middle of its life. For reference, the Wii U was basically dead at this point in its life. The Wii wasn't dead, but was about to decline.

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Sorry by mistake clicked 4. I'd rank it a 10. I had 4 on my mind. Brain fart. 4th year of Switch and it's my 4th fave system ever made. Dreamcast. SNES. Saturn. Switch.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Happy Birthday Nintendo Switch!

I'd give it 10/10.  I rate a system by how many games I acquire games for it.  (Buy and not sell again.)  Right now I am buying Switch games like I bought NES games, and the NES is my favorite system.  I had about 50 NES games when I bought my SNES, and I've never had anywhere near that amount for any other system.  Right now I have 24 Switch games and another one arriving in the mail soon.  Those are just the physical ones.  I've bought a few digital too.  Basically I am buying games like I did for the NES, and I'm having a lot of fun with all of these different games.

Some favorites:
Zelda: BotW
Smash Bros Ultimate
Dark Souls Remastered
Puyo Puyo Tetris
Dead Cells
Axiom Verge
Untitled Goose Game
Cadence of Hyrule

9. Awesome system, but lacks some features that would be nice to have, a more well designed store, some apps, functional joycons that don't drift after 6 months, more storage, etc

But overall really great console, I did right getting one

I'd give it 10/10, but the previously mentioned drifting problems prevent me from doing it, so 9 it is. Apart from that it is simply brilliant and I cannot wait for future versions (be it a Pro or a Switch 2; if both come, I'll grab both).

Congratulations and well deserved success! Easily my most played platform from launch to this day.

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