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Clarice S1
American gods S3

And re watching vikings with my wife since she not seen that !

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Yesterday my girlfriend and I decided to watch through all the available episodes of WandaVision to see what all hype was about... was originally gonna' wait until Friday and binge all of them but y'know, I was kinda' excited to watch it from the start anyway so a few days early wasn't gonna' hurt, right?

... Turns out I fucking love it. It's so... weird, to think that this kind of thing is part of the MCU, but at the same time, it also feels like it fits perfectly. The story has been great and I can't wait for the finale later this week, thank god it's gonna' be an hour long too because the only negative thing I can think of right now is how short the episodes have been!

Might end up binging all the episodes again leading into the finale on Friday, lol

Rewatching some classics, been in a criminal drama kind of mood lately. Saw all seasons of The Wire recently, currently rewatching Gomorrah (about halfway through season 3 now). In addition, I'm rewatching The Office for something lighter and I'm also watching American Gods. After AG finishes, I'm going to see season 5 of The Expanse.

Watched the pilot episode to Superman & Louis the other day. Was pleasantly surprised, the cast I thought looked a bit suspect but it works and if the show continues like this I will probably watch the whole season. Promising start.

Also watching Wandavision up to latest episode.. starts of weird and slow but picks up and is my favourite shows atm. Plus watching One piece and AOT (final season).

The boys, season 2. Great so far.

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Wandavision, probably going to start supe and lois next


Just finished season 3 of Mary Kills People, & season 1 of The Orville

Started watching The Queen's Gambit.

Always meant to watch this film at some point. Finally got around to it this week. Very unique, very memorable. Glad I gave it a spin.

I'm marathoning through all of House. I watched it 10 years ago but never finished the last season, so now I have to watch all of it again.

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