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Jumpin said:

Anyway, right now I've been watching some recent anime.
I'll be honest, I couldn't stand most anime from about the mid-late 90s onward. It was ridiculous repetitive stuff for the most part. I've been really enjoying anything that looks at the mundane life experiences and the stories that can be told there from the only sorts of characters that can tell those stories. When I see an anime about a character with no psychological depth, but has some kind of ninja power or other super ability, I wanna hurl from boredom at the concept.
Sometimes they mix positive attributes in with overwhelmingly negative attributes (Neon Genesis fits the bill) and it works - I like those stories because they can't be told by your average "I wanna be the best master at X" dickhead anime character. Motivation for motivation's sake is lazy storytelling.

There are loads of good anime from the late 90's to current. Like Cowboy bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist, Monster, Code Geass, Trigun, Steins;Gate, Attack on Titan, Demons Slayer, Death Note etc etc You've just not been looking in the right places.

If you want recommendations try Myanimelist.

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I've recently developed some appreciation of wrestling I never had before and it reminded me to get around to Foxcatcher. It's not often that I watch both the 'based on a true story' film and then the documentary (or book) on the subject; usually one or the other. It's interesting to see the differences between the two. Looking back I find it odd that the dramatization chose Mark as the main focus where the documentary indicates Dave as the obvious choice. The documentary does a better job of chronicling John's mental deterioration as well as resolving the aftermath of the incident. The insights of friends and family really help flesh things out and comment on the influence and leeway of the rich and powerful. The most interesting commentary that sticks out in my mind is the daughter's at the end speaking about the tragic figure. Interesting watches, though I'm not sure I'll return to either.

I finally got around signing up for a VPN, so now I finally get to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7. Next I'll have to look for South Park seasons 1 to 15 as those aren't on Netflix Japan. Does anybody know which country has the whole series?

Need something off Play-Asia?

Tried Wanda Vision.

IT'S SO FUCKING BORING. The show sucks shit.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Started rewatching X-Files, it's holding up pretty well.

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Started watching Dark on Netflix and though I'm not really usually into non-english speaking series, this ones really got me hooked. Best sci-fi I've seen in a long time. Bit of a slow burner this one but its darn good (for far!) - up to episode 5.


King of the Hill on Hulu
South Park and Reno 911 on HBO Max

Leynos said:

Tried Wanda Vision.

IT'S SO FUCKING BORING. The show sucks shit.

First two and a half episodes were hard to watch for me, but it got better after that.

Just finished Firefly /Serenity last night ... sadly it didn't take too long to do that.

Watched Snyder's Cut for Justice League.

Surprisingly good! Not flawless but I really enjoyed it even though the movie is 4 hours long. Would love to see a sequel if that ever happens

Just as a warning, the entire movie is in 4:3 aspect ratio.

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