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Verter said:

Good film indeed!

If you liked that one, you might also like In This Corner of the World, Grave of the Fireflies, The Boy and the World or (to add a bit wilder card) The Red Turtle. I recommend them all - although I'm not sure about their availability on mainstream services.

Thanks. Grave is definitely on my watchlist too (know it's a tearjerker). I'll take a look at the others as well.

I had high hopes for Raya and they were mostly satisfied. Slick animation, nice visuals, cool characters and action, and a nice dramatic story. Was a bit heavy on detached exposition and I felt it had some slight timing issues as well. My biggest peeve though is some of the action photography; you have complete control over your scene in CG and they still shoot some of the fights frantically like you would to hide bad performance in live action. What gives? Despite a few wrinkles though, this is still one of my favorite animated films in some time; just a fun adventure with a bit of that Avatar flavor I love so much. Highly recommended.