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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Will you get a Switch Pro?


Will you get a Switch Pro?

Yes, Day 1 purchase 29 50.00%
Yes, I'll probably get it 10 17.24%
On the fence 9 15.52%
I won't get it 10 17.24%

Need new option that simply says “yes”. For me, probably won’t be day one but I’ll definitely be buying one.

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If it meets 3 criteria:

1. Big Native resolution bump or DLSS3, not just a cheap upscalling
2. If Nintendo demonstrate games where there are more than just res differences (like better draw distances/textures in BOTW2)
3. If arrives whilst there is still a lot of good games heading to the Switch and no rumblings of a successor arriving 18months later.

I've got a PS5 now, I won't mind giving it priority between fall 2021-2023 until Switch 2 comes out. Then I'll go back and play BOTW2/Metroid 4/Beyonetta 3 the best way possible

Honestly no.

I rather they focus their energy on getting the next gen switch ready that when it does come out, all the tricks they intend to put in like DLSS3 etc bring it close to the PS5 visuals, draw distance, AI, etc.

Hand hand mode needs to target 1080p 60fps and hopefully by then Battery tech will also be better and with the smaller chip designs maybe we will see a great battery life.



Definitely would get one, DAY ONE! Switch is an awesome console.

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Since I only have Switch lite, will strongly consider it. Since I have bigger games library now, would like to see them on big screen upscaled to ~4K.

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Well, that strongly depends. I personally don't care about 4K, as I don't have a 4k output device yet. I might be more interested in more power to improve frame rate and/or resolution on existing games. But people generally forget the main reason the New 3DS was a hit: it had a second analog input. That made me buy new 3Ds instantly. If Nintendo improves the value of the Switch Pro in a similar way, that would be a much bigger draw than a simple power upgrade.

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I'd also buy a New Switch on day one, because I also have the original Switch from day one and not the Mariko upgrade from 2019. It would really be great if the new Switch could play Breath of the Wild in 60fps and other third party games like Rocket League more smoothly. I'd really appreciate a performance mode option in the configuration menu of the console. I don't care about resolution.

I would get it day one. I've been wanting to get a 2nd Switch for my house anyway, but I've been waiting to see if an enhanced model will come out. My wife would use my current Switch, but not nearly as much as I have been. So, there hasn't been any urgency for us to get a 2nd Switch at full price. The cheaper Lite model was never of interest to us since it defeats the system's design purpose of being able to "switch" between TV and portable play.

If it's just an upgraded dock then yes.

I already have the OG Switch and Switch Lite so I don't think I need a 3rd Switch.

No. Im happy with my current Switch. So far Minecraft dungeons, Minecraft and Lego Worlds are the games I play a lot that would like that boost but I think I can live with it.

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