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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Will you get a Switch Pro?


Will you get a Switch Pro?

Yes, Day 1 purchase 29 50.00%
Yes, I'll probably get it 10 17.24%
On the fence 9 15.52%
I won't get it 10 17.24%

I would get Switch Pro TV though if they offer one.

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Yes it would be day 1 for me, provided scalpers don't fk me over.

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Probably not.
I have a PS4 Pro. I don't see third-party games on Switch Pro running better than PS4 Pro, and there's a good chance they'll run worse. I could be wrong, but I don't see Nintendo going out of their way to make a lot of their first-party titles better optimized for Switch Pro. That seems more of a PlayStation and Xbox thing.
I also want to set money aside for a PlayStation 5. I'll probably get a PS5 in 2023, and I'm hoping a Slim version is out by then. I also intend to get a Switch 2 near launch, and that console will probably launch in 2023 or 2024.

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If it's on terms of Xbox Series X power and hardware, then yes, day 1 for me. If not, then I'll just stick with the original Switch.

So far not interested

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Most probably not, I want to limit what I spend in more "superfluous" stuff like video games and here in my country the economical situation is complicated (also, I doubt whatever improvement there is in resolution/performance will be worth it more than 8000 pesos).

If it is just a Dock i will probably consider it at least.
I new console that will be needed to play new games is of no interest at all at the moment.

Day one, absolutely

My kids take up my machine and TV 95% of the time.  It's booked till they hit the hay and then most nights, I'm too tired to get involved into a game.  I don't feel like purchasing a second standard version if a Pro release is imminent.

I'll wait till that drops, grab it and ship the kids off with my old unit to the family room and the smaller TV, while I reap the benefits of the newer model.

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ireadtabloids said:

I’ll probably get it next year if it comes out.
Hoping for 8nm Samsung Nvidia GPU and a mini-LED screen.

Interesting seeing how the poll shows so far that 90% of people willing to answer a poll on Switch Pro are also interested in buying a Switch Pro.

Would likely be based on the 12nm process as that is based on the 16nm design rules which in turn was based on the 20nm process design rules.

Allows for quicker and easier porting of the chip. Plus significantly cheaper.

Hoping they stick with TSMC over Samsung, the advantages are clear.

Pajderman said:

If it is just a Dock i will probably consider it at least.
I new console that will be needed to play new games is of no interest at all at the moment.

What do you envisage a dock that is limited by USB's bandwidth and latency be capable of?

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Yes I would. Day 1