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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Will you get a Switch Pro?


Will you get a Switch Pro?

Yes, Day 1 purchase 29 50.00%
Yes, I'll probably get it 10 17.24%
On the fence 9 15.52%
I won't get it 10 17.24%

A Switch Pro sounds perfect for when I am riding around on my unicorn.

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I got the mariko upgrade day one and will do the same with this

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Captain_Yuri said:

Depends on the upgrades and whether or not the joy con drift has been fixed

That's the one thing it needs. I have not bought any more games for my Switch since the joy cons started drifting. If Ninty wants my business again, fix those sticks.

I would get a Switch Console if bundled with a non drifting controller. I don't care for on the move play, another Wii sized box will be perfect for me.

Why do people keep mentioning if it is just a dock?

USB C isn't going to juice up the Switch much.