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Forums - General Discussion - Are you a minority?


Are you a minority?

Yes 38 52.78%
No 27 37.50%
IDK? 7 9.72%
dark_gh0st_b0y said:

not sure why atheists are presented as minority, it is the new trendy cult, especially in West Europe

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In predominantly Muslim countries, not only are atheists a minority, their numbers are so small to be almost negligible. And from what I have seen regarding  the US, atheists are considered less trustworthy than the gays and ethnic minorities ie not at all trustworthy. Atheism is completely normal and widespread in Western Europe, though, for sure, but that trend isn’t global. Most of the world is pretty much still dominated by religion/faith based living. 

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Yes, I guess. I'm stateless. We are a minority of 120K~ people with a complicated legal state. No official nationality has been issued for me or my forefathers despite being here for 3 generations or so.

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I answered no as a white male in the USA.

Identity from a nationality stand point am 3rd generation American on both side of my parents.

Heritage Eastern Europe is where my great grand parents immigrated from but a genetic test have me as 100% European Jew.

From a religion stand point I am an Atheist but I grew up going to Hebrew school and synagogue until I was 14 at which point my parents left the choice up to me and I chose not to go. My parents are of the Reform Judaism denomination so me being Atheist was never a major issue for them as the ethical aspects of the teachings are far more important then ceremonial ones in the Reform tradition. They believe it was important for me to be educated in Judaism and know the teachings but once I hit 14 they left the choice to me (and believe me the rabbi was quite unhappy I broke there streak of 100% attendance for the 2 year post bar mitzvah program but my parents kept the agreement we made that I would go for one year after bar mitzvah then it would be my choice).

Judaism when it come to identify I would describe it an awareness that while from a religious stand point I do not identify as Jewish but to a anti-Semitic that would not matter as for example Hitler would have you killed if you was a practicing Christian but your grand parents was Jewish therefore it would be naïve for me to not understand that reality and history and because of that how I fit into the Jewish community.

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Black and Samoan in the US. So yes I'm considered a minority from an ethnic standpoint.

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Italian-Polish American - so hey, pre-50s America I would have been considered one! :P

But these days we're considered just as white as the English, German, & Irish so nah.


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Mr Puggsly said:

Atheist is not really a minority in many developed countries these days. Many who identify as a member of a religion tend to live secular lives or know very little about scripture.

If anything, most people are agnostic. Even people who claim to be atheist will often show they're agnostic and even entertain some spiritual ideas.

You can be both agnostic *and* athiest.

Gnosticism is about knowledge. Theism is about belief. Most Theists and Atheists alike are agnostic. It's the gnostic variants that you should look out for. 

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Im a human, so no.

Bristow9091 said:

I'm a Knack fan, so you tell me...

I don't think having bad taste in games qualifies as being a minority.

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Does being left handed count