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Forums - General Discussion - Are you a minority?


Are you a minority?

Yes 33 53.23%
No 24 38.71%
IDK? 5 8.06%

Yep. I'm English in Japan. LIke 99% of the population here is Japanese so I'm a tiny minority.

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In Australia anyone can be classified as minority depending on what suburb you are in lol

However nationally by skin colour no, by ethnicity probably.



I'm 47, since there are many more people that are not 47, I'm part of a minority.

IcaroRibeiro said:

Not really 

Mixed race with white passing (still read as mixed I guess)


No perceived physical or mental disability 

Maybe from religious side, since I'm starting to leaning towards agnosticism, still oficially Christian though

If there's nothing wrong with you, you're definitely part of a minority!

Black in America, so yes.

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vivster said:

I'm both white and atheist, which means I'm a double minority on this planet. Our people don't get a lot of respect.

You poor, poor thing.

Not with my race or ethnicity.

But my autism diagnosis, sexuality, and religious views would put me as a minority in America or really anywhere in the world.

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Yeah, but I look white, speak the queen's English and support the wrong politics so I am also a "Nazi."

Ethnicaly Puerto Rican in Texas and an athiest, so I guess so.

Atheist is not really a minority in many developed countries these days. Many who identify as a member of a religion tend to live secular lives or know very little about scripture.

If anything, most people are agnostic. Even people who claim to be atheist will often show they're agnostic and even entertain some spiritual ideas.