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Forums - General Discussion - Are you a minority?


Are you a minority?

Yes 38 52.78%
No 27 37.50%
IDK? 7 9.72%

In your Country(if you say honduras but live in Honduras were majority are honduras in their Country then they are not minority to clarify.) but might be el salvador person in honduras

Also what do you identify as?

Like I'm Honduras.Which I am actually 

Minority in USA 

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I'm part of the oppressed race known as Nintendonians

People of the land of droughts

*Not worth keeping this post up as I'll get trolled*

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I‘m originally from Iraq and live in Germany.

What bothers me the most is minorities not accepting other minorities.
For example when muslims in western countries hate on the LGTBQ community and are not okay with how western society accepts them.
It‘s basically like saying: „Society has to accept me and my different believes but not others that I‘m not okay with“.

I’m gay. The end.

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Yeah, I'm the only Variable Geo fan I know.

Just kidding, I don't think I'm a minority. I mean, I was born in a neighbour town, and from what I learned about this topic, I don't have evidences of being a minority.

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I have a Youtube channel... A Twitter, and... Yeah.

I’m Dutch, live in the Netherlands and my family from both sides have as well, since the 1700s at least anyway, so I’m not a minority.

I see some are bringing sexual identity/orientation into this, which is foreign to me. I only thought about cultural/nationality.

I'm both white and atheist, which means I'm a double minority on this planet. Our people don't get a lot of respect.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

I'm Autistic, which according to the national census puts me in a 0.7% minority of the population.

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Not really 

Mixed race with white passing (still read as mixed I guess)


No perceived physical or mental disability 

Maybe from religious side, since I'm starting to leaning towards agnosticism, still oficially Christian though