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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Google Stadia closes internal studios and change business focus

I find it very hard to trust Google for anything other than search, email, and fiber. And that last one is only because I am in the Kansas City area.

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Stadia's not fully dead yet, but this is a blow to it.

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People gonna lose all their purchases, lol.

Bye bye stadia.


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noname2200 said:

Did these studios actually produce anything?

They cultivated some solid talent, but... somehow didn't realize it takes 3-4 years to turn around the average AAA game.  Hopefully that means those Stadia 'console exclusives' they still have can sneak over elsewhere.

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Google shouls make some sacrifices and make Stadia a better proposition, like eliminating the fees for games and onky keeping the subscriptions. Looking at this, it looks like they won't.

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Not surprised. It was dead on arrival.

When they launched with such a crap lineup, I assumed it was a sort of soft launch to get everything in place... Apparently I was wrong and they were just incompetent.

Random_Matt said:

People gonna lose all their purchases, lol.

I hope there's some sort of lawsuit against Google to try and give the users their investment back. I know they should have known better, but still taking their purchases and leaving them with nothing after such a short amount of time seems legally questionable. And make no mistake, the shutdown will happen and soon.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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