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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Google Stadia closes internal studios and change business focus

Wow, I am in total and utter shock. Who could have seen this coming.

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Feels bad for the people who are losing their jobs.

Saying that, cloud gaming isn't where its at.

Well, that was fast.

Personally I always felt that Stadia was going to become a big thing at some point, I'd be glad to be wrong on this one.

mZuzek said:

Personally I always felt that Stadia was going to become a big thing at some point

How ?

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Captain_Yuri said:

When Stadia shuts down and imo it will, all those people who paid for the games will not only lose the games that they paid for... But will also lose any and all progress!

Reasons why I will never touch cloud gaming unless it's an optional add on like xCloud or Geforce Now.

Amen to that !

Although weary, I was never against  the existence of Cloud based models. Though, I'll certainly fight anyone who tries to make it seem like such a flawed model has to be the end goals of any manufacturer in this industry.

I was also expecting Google to put more time into such an ambitious venture but looks like it only seriously lasted a year ... next stop the graveyard.

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I'm waiting for Phil to tweet one true gaming rival down and one to go,all it took was the aura emanating from Azure to blow them away now where's Luna

Color me, well, any color really, just not surprised. A poorly conceived and even worse executed concept which aimed at no demographic known to the industry and still somehow sported some unappealing pricing and zero exclusive incentive for purchase and ownership. Stadia was a disaster when announced, was still a disaster when it launched, and has continued to be a disaster post-launch. Let talented developers spend their time and effort on real projects. This smells almost like Nokia N-Gage all over again.

SKMBlake said:
mZuzek said:

Personally I always felt that Stadia was going to become a big thing at some point

How ?

Google money, everything else moving to streaming services successfully, dunno, just felt it was an inevitability of capitalism.

Is typhon studios gone?

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Wman1996 said:

Stadia's not fully dead yet, but this is a blow to it.

Stadia was dead on arrival lol, but this news really isn't going to be news for anyone I wager, stadia was yet another thing aimed at the casual player but required a ton of up front investment as well as having a very non casual data connection and desire to play AAA games.

Casuals wouldn't buy into it because they don't pay money for games when stuff like Wild Rift / Genshin are totally free and the more core gamers wouldn't buy into it because they'll already have installed dedicated hardware and the know how that Google are a bad investment when it comes to wacky new ideas.

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