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Forums - Gaming Discussion - RE8 Lady Dimitrescu rampaging thru the net? why?!

Capcom lost their ways. I wish kojima would take over the franchise.

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Imagine going from RE2 Remake horrific zombies encounter with an imposing/foreboding biological weapon chasing you all throughout the game to sexy vampires ....

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Ka-pi96 said:
shikamaru317 said:

I mean, she is not my type at all (I like short, petite women; not tall, busty, thick women), but I certainly wouldn't call her ugly, she has a pretty face.

She has an old face. She looks 40s/50s. I definitely wouldn't consider that to be pretty.

Think of her like what happened in the book version of the Godfather a beautiful star that you fantasised about and met years later. but she still looks good in candlelight conditions, your disappointment may well be tempered by having the best sex ever due to those fantasies. 

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d21lewis said: