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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Zelda Breath of the Wild is overrated.

I've been gaming since the NES in 85, BotW is my all-time favorite game. The problem I have in most open world games is most of the exploration/collecting is worthless. I recall Black Flag, collecting musical notes, and what did I get for it? My crew sang a different song, nothing more. Elder Scrolls the player literally can pickup plates, cups and other worthless garage.

What BotW does really well is all the collectibles/discoveries matter. Weapons break, finding new weapons have an impact. Since weapons break, finding Korok seeds have a major impact. Shrines expand hearts (enemies are tough) and stamina (needed for exploration). Food is required to survive the environment. Speaking of which, different clothes for different environments, clothes are not just aesthetic, about time.

Everything in BotW was considered during the development, as opposed to most open world games where random crap is just tossed in the game so the developer could claim 100 hours.

And most open world games are still linear at heart.  Sure the player can go off the beaten path, but to move the story forward the player most go back on the path and do so in a linear fashion (see Horizon).  BotW isn't just open world, but non linear, given the player can elect to experience the story in any order....  or heck, the player doesn't even have to see any of the story.  BotW actually has freedom of choice, it isn't an act like most games put on.

The shorter version is the game is a strong 101.8 out of 100.

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I give it a 96.5 personally. There is a lot of great stuff in the game, but too much water.

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Jumpin said:

I'm 96% sure this is a joke, maybe not 97%, but definitely 96 or 95% at the lowest.

In all seriousness, though. It's difficult to rate all games on the same scale, given that there is a wide set of values in what makes a great game. Speaking, the amount of pixels to get from one side of the screen to the other has absolutely nothing to do with quality once it is past a certain point. The screen they were originally designed for must be taken into account as well; so, a game like DKC designed for a 1990s TV screen looks beautiful, but looks very pixilated on LCD screens that would be considered gigantic in the 1990. A remastered version of DKC games could make them just as they were before, visually. Design-wise, while DKC was cutting edge at the time, that's no longer the case - and so time has to be onsidered as well. Some games are also designed to be retro, and their graphical quality could be exactly as desired, despite having nothing more than 8-bit colours and pixel sprites.

Anyway, my writing is twisting and jumbling a lot of ideas around. If it's not clear, and you want to know, I'll clarify. But I'm going to stop here for now, I am sure many people can think of different standards for different goals and different genres. There is no one size fits all perfection. What Zelda does, in the time it did it, in my opinion is the best game I've played. But that's based on my own experiences and ideals, and I know many agree. But that means nothing for those who don't have the same ideals as this group I agree with for what makes a great game. I respect a lot of what Jim Sterling says, but his opinion on Breath of the Wild is insane to me, and I am sure mine is insane to him.

As an example that I am sure many here have seen at some point: You could say it didn't do dialogue sequences as in depth as the Witcher, but then there is a ton of stuff Witcher 3 didn't do as well as Zelda; they had different goals, and comparing the two in order to justifying point deductions is pointless - even if both games do involve a guy swinging around weapons in an open world.

I guess, the review industry is pretty much a scam. Especially with how they number everything based on some arbitrary standard that has no objective value.

And yes, I rambled on even further, so I'll stop here.

We should clearly use a scale of 0 to 1 quintillion zillion trillion billion million.

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

I see this is a joke thread but at least remove the score from your signature where you gave it a 5/5 to make it at least a bit more believable. :D :D

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Not finished yet, but pacing in the beginning is a bit too loose for my preference which meant it took me a while to really get into it. Enemy difficulty is all over the place. Climbing and potion making can become a slight chore. Shrines can feel a bit too souless/repetitive compared to traditional dungeons. Weapon breakage system is way to heavy handed. Literally went through 7 swords in one battle, that aspect just isn't fun or realistic. The element of newness that comes with new tools is missing a bit.

Overall love it though, I see why it gets the praise. The open world is always doing something to steal my attention. The presentation is gorgeous as well. Easy to forget its running on the Switch.

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I played it on a 92" screen with 5.1 surround system, so I give it a 97.1

BotW kept me going for 170 hours and is the only game where I completely refrained from using fast travel and never felt like I wanted to use it. I didn't get to the 'starter village' until 60 or 70 hours in since I went in the other direction first. Which is why I can't give it a perfect score, since although I had tons of seeds, there's only one dude to expand your inventory and 8 slots is very limited for 70 hours with the low weapon durability.

(It could have used some beefier HW, blown up to 92" gave it a pretty soft image, but was very immersive)

Shiken said:

I give it a 96.5 personally. There is a lot of great stuff in the game, but too much water.

I think you made a mistake, let me rephrase you:

 “Too much rain ”

Definitely a 96.95/100 i guess.

*walks backward*

In all seriousness, the game is indeed overrated ( a lot of room for improvement) as all the other games on any top 10-20 list are. But it is the best overrated game I have played in the past 20 years or so.

I will say this one more time: if Nintendo gives us more dungeons that resemble the amazingly well designed Hyrule Castle, my score will go up from a 9.0 to a 9.2.

I can't imagine playing BOTW on a Lite