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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Zelda Breath of the Wild is overrated.

In all seriousness, the game is indeed overrated ( a lot of room for improvement) as all the other games on any top 10-20 list are. But it is the best overrated game I have played in the past 20 years or so.

I will say this one more time: if Nintendo gives us more dungeons that resemble the amazingly well designed Hyrule Castle, my score will go up from a 9.0 to a 9.2.

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I can't imagine playing BOTW on a Lite

I have yet to give it a real chance. Only put 15 hours into the game.
I get lost in many open world games, more often than not running around aimlessly.

Based on the feelings it gave me with my two 100+ hour playthroughs, it's one of the handful of games that deserve a 10/10. There's a lot to improve upon but yeah, it's the best.

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OP is overrating BotW. I give it a 94, no more n no less.

I am a Nintendo fanatic.

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I was expecting to come in here and agree with you that the game is overrated. Was not expecting you to think it was overrated by just 2 points, 95 vs 97, lol.

I do think Breath of the Wild is amazing (a 9.5 or 10 out of 10), but I still had a few issues with it. Even I thought it was a little overrated. I don't think it's quite worthy of being in the top 5 or 10 best-rated games ever.

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Pemalite said:

Only thing I disliked about the game was that it wasn't a full fat 1080P at a minimum with a 60fps framerate... And allot of the texturing was clearly low resolution, but that's Nintendo's antiquated hardware holding things back.

Keen for the sequel, hopefully it's more of a looker.

Thats why i finished the game on PC xD .


I finished the game about 3 months ago and it was one of the best gaming experiences i've had in ages.


To add to this i was feeling burned out before i got to BOTW. I started many games but couldnt bring myself to finish them.

Decided to jump into botw and i was having fun. I wasnt playing it just to finish another one of my games i was playing it cause i was having a great time while doing so. Exploring the world was simply amazing.

And it really does make you want to explore its world. Anyway after finishing it, its also put me back in the gaming mood and am currently now finishing up DQ11S on Gamepass then ill be moving on to Watch Dogs Legions or Cyberpunk.

Anyways it defo be a 97-98 from me
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Maybe i'd agree it's somewhat overrated. But It has a lot of clever game design choices and fun mechanics.

I will say the shrines are a lame replacement for traditional dungeons. And the weapon degradation system is just pointless and annoying.

But besides that it's a fantastic game.

This reminds me of when someone said they cancelled their pre-order for Halo Master Chief Collection, because it was sitting at a (at the time) Metacritic score of 90, instead of the 93 they expected.