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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Zelda Breath of the Wild is overrated.

I have yet to give it a real chance. Only put 15 hours into the game.
I get lost in many open world games, more often than not running around aimlessly.

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Based on the feelings it gave me with my two 100+ hour playthroughs, it's one of the handful of games that deserve a 10/10. There's a lot to improve upon but yeah, it's the best.

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OP is overrating BotW. I give it a 94, no more n no less.

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I do think Breath of the Wild is amazing (a 9.5 or 10 out of 10), but I still had a few issues with it. Even I thought it was a little overrated. I don't think it's quite worthy of being in the top 5 or 10 best-rated games ever.

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Maybe i'd agree it's somewhat overrated. But It has a lot of clever game design choices and fun mechanics.

I will say the shrines are a lame replacement for traditional dungeons. And the weapon degradation system is just pointless and annoying.

But besides that it's a fantastic game.

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But calling Breath of the Wild overrated is silly when you take into account all the other games rated above it. Most of which were nowhere near as good as Beaty of the Wild, even in their own time.

Breath of the Wild is a better game in 2017 than Ocarina of Time was in 1998; but that’s probably the toughest argument except maybe Mario Galaxy.

Breath of the Wild is underrated when you consider the games above it. I mean seriously? Grand Theft Auto 4? Tony Hawk? Red Dead Redneck? The list is ridiculous when you look at the other games there. Breath of the Wild should be one of the games that Meta critic people shouldn’t be concerned about.

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I agree?

I am confused by the opinion of the op lol.

Agreed of all the games I would give a 10 to (Chrono Trigger, Ocarnia of Time, and Breath of the Wild) It's on the bottom of that 10's list!

zero129 said:
Pemalite said:

Only thing I disliked about the game was that it wasn't a full fat 1080P at a minimum with a 60fps framerate... And allot of the texturing was clearly low resolution, but that's Nintendo's antiquated hardware holding things back.

Keen for the sequel, hopefully it's more of a looker.

Thats why i finished the game on PC xD .


I finished the game about 3 months ago and it was one of the best gaming experiences i've had in ages.

I was tempted to grab CEMU and play it the "way it's meant to be played" with full on Ray Tracing and reshade, but it won't fix up some of those low resolution assets, even hi-res texture pack mods don't seem to do it justice.

But I am just nitpicking at this point... If all I can complain about is visual fidelity.

In saying that, I did complete the game on the WiiU and spent hours laying in bed or at the fire station on the WiiU gamepad with it's shitty 480P display and still had a blast, the Switch version whilst offering more clarity and stable framerates isn't a markedly different experience... So I haven't bothered replaying the game to any great extent on that.

I feel for me personally a single playthrough is all I can manage. It's still one of the all time greatest games in gaming history.

The only hope I have is for Breath of the Wild 2 to just be a more visual masterpiece now that the engine won't be designed and held back by the WiiU.

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I’d get your argument if you said it should be a 90-92.

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