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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Zelda Breath of the Wild is overrated.

I bought a Switch Lite about a month ago. A major reason was to play BotW and I just finished it the other day. I can't believe this game has a metascore of 97!

Exploring can be a chore, the world can feel empty, random enemies in the world can be more difficult than actual boss battles and doing shrines can be frustrating but very necessary to progress.

With all that said... the game is maybe a 95, perhaps a 96. Its also one of the most satisfying gaming experiences I ever had... but its not a 97!

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Mr Puggsly said:

With all that said... the game is maybe a 95, perhaps a 96. Its also one of the most satisfying gaming experiences I ever had... but its not a 97!


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Should have gotten the wiiU version instead then


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I award The Last of Us II a score of a FOUR!...out of 10.

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Only thing I disliked about the game was that it wasn't a full fat 1080P at a minimum with a 60fps framerate... And allot of the texturing was clearly low resolution, but that's Nintendo's antiquated hardware holding things back.

Keen for the sequel, hopefully it's more of a looker.

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I agree, game whas great put in 130hours.
After beating the game i felt bored pretty soon after.

A big 9 for me.

Lets hope the new one has a lot more content.
Actually dungeons.
A lot more Gear.
More interesting quest and real rewards
Weapons that dont break every 10min.
More enemies?


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Reviewers played the game on a TV, so that explains the discrepancy between the metascore and your experience. Breath of the Wild is grander when you play it on the big screen.

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This thread was made over a 1-2 point meta score disagreement lol