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Forums - Sales Discussion - How much do you expect Cyberpunk to sell?


First week prediction?

Less than 3 million 6 6.59%
3-6 million 12 13.19%
6-9 million 17 18.68%
9-12 million 13 14.29%
More than 12 million 43 47.25%

What are your Cyberpunk first week and lifetime sale predictions?

Mine are,

First week: 10 million

Lifetime: 50 million

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It’s probably the 1st or 2nd biggest game of the year. I think it has a strong chance of selling as many as one MILLION copies.

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Considering its a cross gen game it could reach 30 million. It's from the makers of The Witcher 3 after all.

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Around the same as TW3 so 20m or so.

Wyrdness: Witcher 3 sold around 9,5 mln copies in 2015. Now it sits at 30 mln.

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5, maybe 6 copies, but not more than that.

At least 12 million

10 million first week... is it possible?? I think lifetime will go around 15-20 million though

Vendrom said:

10 million first week... is it possible?? I think lifetime will go around 15-20 million though

The hype from cyberpunk is crazy from what I've seen. My friends who usually play CoD and GTA are all getting day one and some folks I know are holding off for the multiplayer to drop. 

shikamaru317 said:

First week: 8m+
Lifetime: 30m+

It'll do better than Witcher 3 initially (4m first 2 weeks, 10m in first 10 months), since CD Projekt has gained alot of popularity since then thanks to the strong legs of Witcher 3, but I'm not really sure if it can beat Witcher 3 lifetime since cyberpunk tends to be a more niche genre than fantasy. Witcher 3 is quickly on it's way to hitting 35m, which is why I said 30m+ lifetime for Cyberpunk. But I could be wrong, it might have a chance of actually beating Witcher 3 lifetime.

Lifetime all depends on the multiplayer. If they multiplayer is great I think they'll easily outsell the Witcher 3.