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Forums - Sales Discussion - How much do you expect Cyberpunk to sell?


First week prediction?

Less than 3 million 6 6.59%
3-6 million 12 13.19%
6-9 million 17 18.68%
9-12 million 13 14.29%
More than 12 million 43 47.25%
Wyrdness said:

So we know 15m on PC at least, fastest selling game this year I think which is no easy feat with how dominant Animal Crossing has been, with consoles it's likely already passed 20m.

Steamspy is laughably inaccurate lol

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Congrats to anyone who voted for the last option. Seems like we won already


It surpassed the entire poll option already.

Remember when people were saying it would have huge negative effects on CDPR, start their “downfall”?


WTF 13 million already? That would be nuts even if there was no problem with bugs and performance.

LudicrousSpeed said:

It surpassed the entire poll option already.

Remember when people were saying it would have huge negative effects on CDPR, start their “downfall”?


That all depends on what those 13 million people think of the game after the new shiny wears off.

Eh, nah, won't matter. Hype sells. The marketing team will stay for the next 'adventure'

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13m in 2 weeks so first week was most likely 9-12m, good numbers

It happened, filed in California

Rosen Law Firm said it filed the suit on behalf of investors that purchased securities — like stock — between the period of Jan. 16 to Dec. 17, 2020. In the lawsuit, lawyers said CD Projekt made “false and/or misleading” statements about Cyberpunk 2077, which was released on Dec. 10

According to the suit, CD Projekt didn’t disclose enough information that Cyberpunk 2077 was buggy and “virtually unplayable” on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Specifically, the statements called out in the lawsuit are regarding the company’s claim that the game was “complete and playable” in January 2020, despite the game being delayed to September. In one instance, during a conference call announcing a further delay, CD Projekt president and joint CEO Adam Kiciński said Cyberpunk 2077 responded to worries concerning the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game. Kiciński told investors there was “no problem” with the versions, just optimization to be done, lawyers said.

Because of the game’s issues, Sony removed Cyberpunk 2077 from the PlayStation Store, with most storefronts and retailers offering full refunds on the game. Lawyers stated in an accompanying news release for the lawsuit that the statements concerning the Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game were “materially false” and “misleading.” When the full scale of Cyberpunk 2077’s problems emerged, the investors “suffered damages,” according to lawsuit, due to an “artificially inflated” market price. On Dec. 11, CD Projekt stock dropped dramatically after complaints about performance circulation on social media.

More can follow

Investors in Poland are also considering a class action lawsuit, the New York Times reported. Another law firm, Wolf Haldenstein Adler Freeman & Herz, is also investigating “potential securities claims.”

I said it before but some people actually said that the game is doing fine, but after 2 weeks since launch, the best selling version on amazon US is the PS4 version at #34.

Here in Amazon Australia, PC version is #96, Xbox version is #140 and PS4 version is #172, the trend is the same with other retailers.

CD Project Red already released two hot fix patches (1.05 and 1.06).

I hope they turned this but the backlash is already there, some people are too stubborn and will think forever that the game is “trash”

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It's not even about some people thinking the game is "trash". Another problem is that it is delisted at PS Store, so they are losing a ton of sales right now just by having people not being able to buy it on the hype of the game being a new release


This game will keep selling units throughout the entire PS5/Xbox Series generation, just like GTA V and Minecraft kept selling units this entire generation. It'll use all these factors to its advantage and to keep itself trendy and talked about:

- Patches in the weeks after launch.

- Patches that add content.

- The two single-player expansions in 2021.

- The next-gen update in 2021.

- The online multiplayer in 2022.

- CDPR will put it on Game Pass for a few months or a year and then take it out to have a word of mouth effect on Xbox. Worked with RDR2, which, after being on Game Pass, saw a increase in its sales.

- Periodical updates to the multiplayer throughout the gen GTA Online style.

- Free play weekends.

- They will do partnerships with other brands in the multiplayer, Fortnite style. You know, adding Ferrari cars, or guns from Starfield or Halo or The Outer Worlds 2 when those games come out or whatever. Special online events, too.

- They will make the multiplayer F2P by 2026 or 2027.

- In 2027 or 2028, the game will receive a next-gen SKU for the PS6 and the Series X2/S2.

Not only will it sell 30 million units (it's gotta be at +15 already if it was at 13 after 10 days), it will sell around 50 million units lifetime because it will receive a next-gen SKU when PS6 and Series X2/S2 come out and it'll have strong legs.

I'm also expecting The Witcher 3 to hit 50 million units by 2023.

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