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Forums - Sales Discussion - How much do you expect Cyberpunk to sell?


First week prediction?

Less than 3 million 6 6.59%
3-6 million 12 13.19%
6-9 million 17 18.68%
9-12 million 13 14.29%
More than 12 million 43 47.25%
Wyrdness said:
EricHiggin said:

Even more common for the drop in stock price to happen in advance of the event, if the plan is to make bank on the recovery, not typically during or after. During or after is not a good sign in general.

It was dropping before the event. 

Yup. Since early September its been on a downturn. Looks as though there may have been an attempt to prop it up before the launch. Perhaps a pump n dump by some assuming/knowing a poor launch with long term recovery. The continued steep decline since launch makes sense because of the poor reception and word of mouth by more than a few.

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So we know 15m on PC at least, fastest selling game this year I think which is no easy feat with how dominant Animal Crossing has been, with consoles it's likely already passed 20m.

Wyrdness said: