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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How much units will the Switch sell next year?


How much will the Switch sell in 2021?

< 5M 1 $1.00 1.89%
5-7.5M 0 $0.00 0%
7.5M-10M 0 $0.00 0%
10M-12.5M 0 $0.00 0%
12.5M-15M 1 $5.50 1.89%
15M-17.5M 2 $969.00 3.77%
17.5M-20M 5 $2,500.00 9.43%
20M-22.5M 14 $2,401.67 26.42%
22.5M-25M 10 $5,051.00 18.87%
> 25M 20 $8,872.00 37.74%
Totals: 53 $19,800.17  
Game closed: 12/31/2020

I mean, it's probably going to match this year, come close to it, or even do slightly above it. It could end up like the Playstation 4's 2018 compared to 2017, where it basically shipped the same amount, but fell short by a few 100k (in the Playstation 4's case, because it was overshipped in 2017's holiday quarter, iirc), but will also have even better software sales, leading to a healthier year overall, and probably it's peak year.

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I expect about 27M, so >25M

Disappointed that I'm the only <5M vote so far.

Would love to see Switch do 28 or 29 million this year and have a strong hold next year and still do 25-27 million. It's certainly possible if 2021 has price cut, new model, zelda collection, pokemon remake, botw2, great 3 party lineup, and a few other big games, along with what is already confirmed.

I updated the comparative thread with data from all three console threads. This is the graph, comparing the bets in all three threads (as of today):

You can still add bets.

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20-22.5 million. That's still crazy impressive sales for a console that is turning 4 next year. 2020 has been the hardware sales peak for the Switch though. I don't think Nintendo has the momentum to top it next year. But 20-22.5 million would still make it the second-best hardware units total for any year of the Switch.

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I tend lean to 20 - 22.5 Million Units sold, still don't know how many people own both Regular Switch and Switch Lite.

My guess is slightly above 25million.
It's hard to imagine NSW dropping more than 10% next year.

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brute said:

My guess is slightly above 25million.
It's hard to imagine NSW dropping more than 10% next year.

The massive Covid boost wont continue but how much will it dip, it will come down to whether covid created sales or simply pushed sales forward.