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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - September Partner Showcase Direct announced

Watch out, Monster Hunter is coming !

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Im skiping this. Theres probably nothing exiting coming to the switch from third partys anymore. They will focus now on the new hardware coming. I would love to be wrong tho.

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I don’t even want to believe that persona 5 S is there anymore, I have lost all hope

At this point I don't think we are getting a major Direct for the year. Instead we are getting this weekly mini-Directs. It kind of all adds up to a big Direct anyway, but now we're getting little tidbits a week at a time.

Bravely Default II should be there if it's still got a 2020 release date and possible the rumoured Monster Hunter shows up.

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I know that I'm alone here but : Silksong pls! ( and maybe Axiom Verge 2)

Mother 4 developed by Bungie. Calling it now!

After two directs with little of weight, I don't expect much of this one.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Partner Showcase refers to games from third parties that aren't good enough to get into a real Direct. But you people never learn and set yourself up for disappointment by throwing around names like Monster Hunter.

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Im expecting at least 1 big game.

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