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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - September Partner Showcase Direct announced

Well there it is.
New Monster Hunter on Switch

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Two monster hunters?

In the wilderness we go alone with our new knowledge and strength.

MH Rise looks cool

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Lol Monster Hunter Direct afterwards

Already the best Direct since E3 2019 from Rise alone, dear god I feel like my brain just had an orgasm.
It's beyond what i dared to hope; a real Monster Hunter for the Switch, finally!

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Finally, this looks incredible :D

Sad it's coming only in March though, I was hoping for a December release :(

Now we need a gif of a Monster Hunter themed Thanos glove erasing Playstation from Japan. jk  :P

Seriously huge though.

Monster Hunter mainline and Stores 2 + Disgaea 6 already this is an amazing Direct.

Shadowdrop Ori.

What the hell Nintendo

How the hell was that a 'mini' direct?