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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - September Partner Showcase Direct announced

Well, Japan is gonna explode next year. Good move on Capcom and Nintendo.

Love Ori, so glad it's coming to the Switch.

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Rune Factory 5
Two Monster Hunter games

The best direct this year

Went in with 0 expectation and still managed to get disappointed LOL. That 1st trailer was getting me HYPED. "Oh man! Capcoms making a cool new fantasy single player action game!". Then its revealed to be a new monster hunter . a series i really dislike. I fell so hard. Then a cool looking jrpg.... Thats another monster hunter game. Lol man what a roller coaster.

Well, that was a freaking awesome direct!
Monster Hunter, Sniper Elite 4, Ori 2, just fantastic.

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That was great. Not much Im personally interested in, but several heavy hitters here.

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Not planning to buy any of them but this was better than the last 2 directs not including the Mario Direct.

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The girl in MHS2 sounds like Zelda from BOTW.

Great stuff shown here! I would recommend Ori and the Will of the Wisps to anyone who hasn't played it. Awesome Metroidvania with fluid movement and great combat too.

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KLXVER said:

The girl in MHS2 sounds like Zelda from BOTW.

So I'm not the only one... was absolutely sure it was Patricia Summersett.

2021 is starting to look good. Mon hun rise and stories 2, smt 3 and 5, rune factory 5, disgaea 6, no more heroes 3 and mario 3d world.