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I think the best is...

N64 39 52.00%
PS3 29 38.67%
Xbox One 7 9.33%

The PS3 by far. Not a big fan of the other two. The N64 has some great games, but the controller ruins it. The XB1 has some great third party games I played on PS4.

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PS3 hands down. Just has so many variety of games for me to play.

I enjoyed my N64 as well but I only got a few 1st party games out of it and THQ's wrestling games which were the best ones I've ever played.

Did I mention that I own five XBO consoles and I've purchased two as gifts?

Meanwhile, despite being a Nintendo fan my entire life and buying an N64 on launch day, by the end of 1997, my N64 was sold and I gamed exclusively on PS1 (got another N64 in 1999, though).

In my home, the PS3 was pretty much eclipsed by the 360 for the entire gen so...

XBO gets my vote.

All three were a big step down from their predecessor, though.

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d21lewis said:

All three were a big step down from their predecessor, though.

Personally, I actually liked the PS3 way more than the PS2. The 7th gen in general was just a lot more interesting to me than the 6th, it felt like 3D games finally matured.

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It all comes down to personal taste in games and for me N64 is the winner.

Also i enjoyed the N64 controller lol. It made it easy to differentiate the noobs from the gamers on how they held the controller.



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As far as which had the best games, then definitely N64. But the PS3 was such a great multimedia machine with all of the things you could do; loading videos and pictures onto it, customizing the thumbnails, all of the file types it supported. I still have mine hooked up and use it occasionally since the PS4 is garbage by comparison in that aspect.

Ah, what I called Third Console Assclownitis when the Xbox One was unveiled at E3 2013.

PS3 is the best of these due to games like Valkyria Chronicles and Ni no Kuni. It's a hell of a comeback story, but it still bled Sony out for billions and there was even talk of the PlayStation brand being finished. The N64 had Mario 64 and the Zeldas. The Xbox One was the worst.


N64 >> PS3 >>>>> Xbox One.

The N64 has my most cherished memories and essentially represented a revolution in 3D. Banjo, Zelda, Goldeneye were really my 90s holy trinity. Diddy Kong racing was also a huge part of my childhood.

The PS3 was a beastly machine but my experience was tainted by my 360 stealing much of the early gen thunder and essentially being my go to console for third parties. I didnt fully appreciate PS3 til late in the gen when the exclusives piled up.

Xbox One is a console that I've essentially skipped. I have one (my brothers) and I never felt the need to buy a game for it.


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