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I think the best is...

N64 39 52.00%
PS3 29 38.67%
Xbox One 7 9.33%

I doubt the Playstation 3 had any game as good as Majora's Mask. [INB4 METACRITIC REPLY]

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Nintendo 64 pretty easily. Many of my favorite games of all time originated on the N64, and any multiplatform I could have enjoyed on the PS3 I preferred to play either on the Xbox 360 or the PC. Didn't care for much of any of Sony's 1st party games for the PS3 outside of LittleBigPlanet.

axumblade said:

....the introduction of Gamepass is going to have a strong impact on the xbox brand for a long time.

Gamepass is going to have a strong impact on *gaming* for a long time to come.  It is changing the business model.  

From a business perspective they were all terrible, and the PS3 was the worst.  However, of the three I very much prefer the games on the PS3.  So the PS3 was good for me and terrible for Sony.

Sega Saturn and yes I consider it SEGA's true third console. If Saturn doesn't count then neither does N64. Saturn was by far better than N64 taking in account the Japanese library and I also own a Japanese Saturn. So so so many great games.

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n64 has to be the best coz of its robust high quality games,

ps3 had a bad start but made a comeback late game but it really hurt them in the beginning!


Playstation 3 definitely has more good games, by far. But N64 has all time classics. In terms of the kinds of games I still want to play over a decade after release, there are quite a few on N64, and not too many for PS3.

PS3, just for the games. As a console, it's not all that great, and Xbox One actually probably beats it, but games give PS3 the boost to win this for me. I'm not all that familiar with N64, but overall apart from a few classics, it doesn't sound like it deserves a win here.

This one is actually quite hard for me. I really like both N64 and PS3.

PS3 definitely has more good games, but I feel like N64's greatest are more classic.

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Definitely not XB1.

So between PS3 and N64, really difficult.

I will go with PS3. Free online compared to 360, Full BC with PS2 and PS1. Had a lot of good games.

N64, Had a lot of good games. Spawned / popularized many great franchises.