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What's the best looking next-gen console?

Playstation 5 Physical 11 11.46%
Playstation 5 Digital 25 26.04%
Xbox Series X 50 52.08%
Xbox Series S 10 10.42%
EricHiggin said:

It's because people tend to prefer bland and safe over lively and dangerous. The PS5 is a departure from what's normal for console design aesthetics. The XBSX kinda is, but not really, because it's just a taller, blander, more grown up version of a Gamecube. The XBSX seems more normal. The PS5 seems foreign.

The color scheme also comes into play. Black is the safest choice period. White or grey is ok but not as universal. Two tone isn't the norm. Past consoles have had things like the XB jewel at the center or chrome trim, but were otherwise one color. The only other somewhat recent console I can think of that was two tone is the XB1S, but the slim black bottom works because it's hidden underneath. Much like how the grey sides of the 360 were basically hidden. The XB1 and PS4 even had gloss and matte black, and while some liked it, some didn't. Just like the XBSS. Some like it, some don't, and it's partially because of the obvious two tone. PS5's two tone is blatant and in your face. Some people really aren't going to like that. I myself will wait for a non white version, or will paint the white portions if I have to. While I think the two tone pops and is cool looking in general, especially as a presentation piece, I don't want it in my entertainment center.

I think the younger you are, the more likely you're going to much prefer the PS5 design because of the wow factor. Kids don't really care about home decor. My 18 year old self and younger, would have thought the PS5 was amazing and XBSX was pretty meh.

Are you saying I'm old?? Jokes aside I see your point, my favorite console design is the black Wii and the Wii U a very close second because of the minimalistic design.

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Um, 3 look terrible and one looks bad.

DroidKnight said:

The PS5 from day one reminded me of the statue that Marie made in the tv show Everybody Loves Raymond.  I personally don't mind the look, I'm more concerned about how large it is (that's what she said). I'll be getting the disk version even though it's uglier than this one.  But it doesn't matter, I won't be staring at it when I'm gaming.  The Series X design appeals to me the most and hopefully I can pre-order both systems before they run out.

Oh my god. I figured I was the only one who thought of Everybody Loves Raymond  

For me, I guess I'd go Series X > Series S > PS5 Digital > PS5 Disc Drive. Series S would jump ahead of Series X if not for the hot plate look.

Honestly; they're all quite horrible looking. I'll have to hide my new consoles whenever someone comes over.

On its own, I gotta say the PS5 doesn't look as bad as it did initially. I'm taking off those side covers it that's an option, though.

In my entertainment center(s), either Xbox is gonna look better. It just looks like it will fit in with my other devices. The PS5 is just too...much.

mZuzek loves Smeags. 😢

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The only thing worse looking than these devices is the Prince of Persia remake... AMIRITE

Every next gen console should be behind a closed cabinet. And yes I include the Switch. As show pieces they suck.

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Very surprised by the results actually. But yeah, Xbox Series X definitely takes it for me.

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Having digested the designs for a little time, I actually like them both. I think the XBSX slightly takes it.

Pros: Slick design, love the LEDs and the vent.
Cons: Only in white and too tall.

Pros: Love the vent on the top, the width, and how the CD drive is flush.
Cons: Design is just a little on the 'safe and unimaginative' side.

XBSS: The less said the better.

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It's really refreshing to see Xbox winning a poll for once, given the Sony and Nintendo fanbases seem to outnumber them by like 5:1 here on VGChartz.

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